Saturday, 29 May 2010

Carzola and a Trip in the Sunshine Bus !

"River Deep,Mountain High!"
It is lovely when family and friends come to visit.
Time to relax and just chill out!

Time for visiting pretty bars and of course enjoying a little bit of Tapas -- an extra special treat when it is bought out in the traditional way, without being asked for and better still with no charge made!!

And of course always waiting in the wings  is the Sunshine Bus!

I have learnt in Spain to always travel with picnics and it was lovely to share this one with a, German cyclist who was clocking up 100 k a day, and that day what a climb to our picnic spot!

And what a spot it was !

And the onwards and ever upwards journey  to the Hostal  Mirasierra.

Leaving the coast and the more touristy areas of Spain is a real treat-- Dinner, Bed and Breakfast which was lovely in every way -- 70 Euros for two !

On our first day we did treat ourselves to a coffee at the nearby Parador and the view from the terrace was absolutely beautiful. The very nosiy building work going on elsewhere made us glad we had not stayed there on this trip!

We love our little village, the semi arid environment and days and days of sunshine make it perfect for our winter visits but it is lovely to spend time near water! 
This was a lovely circular walk near our hostal.

On our third day we drove to see - 

Tranco Reservoir

Set in the northeast corner of Andalusia, this area is important to Spain for various reasons. It is here that the mighty river Guadalquivir, which flows through the cities of Cordoba and Seville before entering the Atlantic at Cadiz, begins its journey. It was from this river that Christopher Columbus set sail on his journey in which he discovered the Americas. Soon after its birth, the river is dammed and becomes the vast artificial lake which forms the centrepiece of the National Park, the Tranco reservoir. The dam of this reservoir is used to produce hydroelectric power, part of the Spanish government’s drive towards clean sources of electricity.

What a spot for a coffee!

And the view from Hornos a village high in the mountains worthy of its UNESCO status!

Now of course I could show you pictures of empty glasses ,plates and dishes but trust me there is no need.
I would have liked to have taken pictures of the hairpin bends but vertigo and distracting the driver made such a task impossible. 
But what an amazing time !!

And as always time enough  for the little delights by the roadside!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I'm Feeling Blue!!

"Two shoes, blue shoes, new shoes,see what I can do, shoes!"
I don't know why but all day a poem has been going around and around in my head. I used to know them off by heart when I was with the "littlies" but now often fragments remain.
But today its been all about blue!
I love blue -- To me its a summer colour, a willow pattern colour, a cornflower colour. a trusted eye colour,a cool colour,a sad Picasso blue colour, my friends Sue's colour.
Here is my blue day - such a happy day in every way.

Even the hooking was blue!!

And as my day ends a lovely blue sky over the mountains!

Oh! And the littlest pair of baby blue shoes!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What do you Google?

Betwixt and Between!
We often Google a wide range of questions,queries or just things we don't know -- and the older we get ( The Sporty One and I ) the more we realise how little we know.And then we promptly forget the answer anyway! Often we find exactly what we want to know. For example how old is Rod Stewart?. How many houses does Sting own?What does craic mean?
Tonight I thought I was feeling a little bit in Limbo -- and then I thought " Am I feeling in Limbo? What does that mean? So I googled it and then I thought well " I am not sure about feeling truly the emotions as per Google but I am betwixt and between!
This is no problem really except as I get older I seem to favour order,completions and a tidy mind. I love yoga and one principle is to concentrate completely on one task and do that task with joy and absolute concentration.
Now in principle I totally agree with that but right now with about 4 hours before we fly back to Spain I would love to finish all of these things ----- but there is absolutely no chance !!
But actually I am not worried because when we get back in July I will have all this to look forward to!
Operation "Stitch Up" Part Two!
 Squares for the Charity Lapacuddlyghans sent by lovely members of the group I belong to called Knit Your Square to Give Your Share!

A piece that Charlotte gave me which needs attention and a dose of T.L.C!

But I do try and always look on the positive side of things and look what I have tucked away, all finished and ready to go!

A batch of hedgehogs should the need arise whilst we are gadding about!

And just time enough to give Buster a birthday treat -- a visit to the Grooming Parlour- Can't say he was very impressed but when the summer arrives he will appreciate it!

So just for now its Goodbye to our English life and the sun is shining in our little corner of Spain!
The Sporty One is being totally unreasonable taking up good wool space in his suitcase with a new pair of football boots!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Puppies really were welcome at a very special wedding!

"Who Let The Dogs Out!"
Well all that knitting - do you remember? was so worth it when we went to a very special wedding last week. My nephew married Ailsa and they looked so happy.

There were some very happy guests!

A beautiful car!

A very relieved bride and groom -- apart from anything else the rain had stopped!

Some lovely family times

A very proud Mum!

The most gorgeous flowers!

A little bit of fun and distraction!

And last but by no means least some very special guests for the little ones!

They really did look so cute and made some little guests very happy.
So another wedding done,dusted and so much enjoyed.
Now all that is left is to make an apology to Puppet Lady because there will be no more puppies hiding amongst the photos. I shall miss them !