Friday, 23 April 2010

Triiny And Susannah I need your help -- Capsule wardrobes and packing. I think not!!

"Leaving On a Jet Plane!"
A friend of mine says the speed at which time passes is exactly proportional to your age. The time between birthdays when you are 5 seems eternal--- I can remember all that waiting , Christmas. Well it was heralded by Satsumas wrapped in blue paper in a wooden box which was later cut up for lighters for the fire.Christmas only came after the longest wait!
Of course as you get older is seems as if you have about 5 birthdays a year and the presence of Christmas is only absent, in list form, for about 6 weeks in the summer.
Well it is hard to believe a blink ago we were here and now we are all ready to set off back to the UK.
So much has happened since last October. Thankfully we are now getting much more used to the tooings and froings of our Winter and Summer life.We have now almost 2 separate identities. 1 in the UK and 1 in Spain.
We pick up one piece of hand luggage each when we are flying home.
Now I have watched all the programmes, and am so glad I have never met either Trinny or Susannah but capsule -- Yes I get that!!
And packing that Idyll 
-- Well I think I might one day get that. But right now,this trip. Well . Not quite
Can you guess what is in mine?

Let's have a look!
Woolly stuff!

Taggies tucked in!

Puppets- I lay the blame at the Puppet Ladies feet !!

15 Bags of Love!

Lapacuddlyghans for Charity!

Teddy Puppets!

A Couple of fluffy Scarves

Actually that lot is all packed and ready to go but I have to fit these last minute bits and pieces in somewhere. The final Charity items from our winter life !
Some premmie hats!

2 Teddies for Tragedies!

Some home made cards by special request.

Lapacuddlys that won't fit in!

A huddle of hedgehogs all fat and ready to go!

And some looking a little deflated!

And shouting from the terrace frightened at being left behind--

Now the poor Sporty One looks upon all this woolliness with a mixture of amusement,exasperation and indulgence but amongst it all there must be room for a least a couple of these.

Not a pair of Bragas to be seen !!


  1. Now I can't take responsibility for your enthusiasm for puppet knitting, really! But you've certainly been busy - where do you find the time? Oh, I know, you're just trying to convince us all how young you are :)

    Now then, make sure all those puppies are safely packed, have a good trip and I trust that you'll keep on blogging from blighty!

    P.S. No bragas - have you no shame?????

  2. Oh my word. i think if i packed all that Owen would go mad. How do you get to do so much knitting/crochet??? Have a good flight back and let me know when you want to come see us! x

  3. Wow, Linda - you can't wear any of that! Are you going 'au naturel' in the UK or are there at least some clothes in your luggage? Seriously, though, your output this year has been phenomenal and it's not even May yet!

    Have a wonderful time in your UK world!


  4. Oh my goodness look at all your knitted toys!!
    My most beloved and worn to death toys that I still have are knitted, they are the best!!

    Sam xx

  5. So true about time zipping by as we get older! When I was about 25 and my baby was already 2 I asked my grandma (then about 90 yrs old) if time slows down when you get majorly old. Nope, she said - it speeds up. I simply cannot imagine time going any faster than it is now!
    Thanks for sharing,


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