Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose. Can you spot them?

"It's in The Bag!"

I sometimes get frustrated with myself when I don't do enough on the Recycling side!

This was a way that so suited me. Knitting with Carrier bags to make a bag!

If anyone is mad enough to want to try one I will post the instructions!


  1. Looks fascinating - is it easy?

  2. No! Its really tricky and drives anybody else in the room completely nuts because of the constant rustling. I was totally banned after two because of disturbance to football on T.V!

  3. The bag looks great, although I can imagine how annoying the rustling must be. Plastic bags are completely banned from the our sitting room where I do most of my knitting! Fortunately plastic bags are becoming a thing of the past these days, with the supermarkets encouraging folk to use them less and less, so in a few years your knitted bag could become a collectors item!

  4. What a good way to use up all those plastic bags. I had to giggle when you said that you were banned from the room because of the noise you made. Hope you are enjoying your day.


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