Sunday, 18 April 2010

Another Infectious Disease to report !

" Doctor I'm in trouble Again !"

I have to report that I have had a serious attack of WGD (Wool Grooming Disorder)
This morning. I came down the stairs in my dressing gown and found myself organising my boxes of wool and this was even before a cup of tea!
Suddenly I realised the situation was far graver than I originally thought and  became aware I had caught another serious condition-- namely DSAS.

SYMPTOMS--- A feeling of intense unease almost causing feelings of anxiety and panic.
A  certain disbelief that the event has happened
A constant checking to see if there is a way that the symptoms can be relieved

DIAGNOSIS --- Diminishing Stash Anxiety Syndrome!
CAUSES--- Hooking activities such as this ---

and this - 

Also symptoms can manifest themselves in a serious clicking almost like a repetitive tic!!

CURE--- Flying back to the U.K and a visit to a specialist clinic known for its wonderful restorative properties. Also known as a wool shop!!!

There might be a slight delay before treatment can begin because a strange geological eruption has made travelling impossible at the moment. Buying Cheap Chinese wool in Spain does not help the symptoms at all and actually makes things worse.

Hopefully this Blog Page similar to NHS Direct has helped with friendly advice and information plus pictures of both diseases and manifestations for your information


  1. must be catching because I was laying in bed thinking about sorting my patchwork material stash!

  2. Is your DOH or loved ones suffering from pulling their hair out at the afflictions listed
    Thanks for popping in
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. Are you serious? How can you be running out of wool?? You've loads of the stuff in spain!! Theres a couple of good pound shops in Bideford and Barnstaple that sell nice wool. Depends what they have in stock though. Nice blankets again!

  4. Cute and funny post. I think my yarn stash is taking over my family room. I like to crochet there or out on my screened in porch so I have to have it all by me - right? I may have to get a better storage system so it isn't right in my face all the time.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  5. Hi Linda
    I releived my symptoms of the same disorder last week with a visit to the local charity shops! My local town now has nine! However, my current ailment is - PKB - Puppet Knitting Block - currently at a standstill due to other stuff on the go. Hope you're enjoying Amy Tan - I love her books which give a fascinating insight into the chinese phsyche.
    Great blankets and knitting, by the way. I'm looking for some pink wool just like that! (Has to be in a charity shop of course!)

  6. What a fun post! I think I could knit a cover for my whole house with all the yarn I have! I must admit I cannot pass by a yarn shop without going in.


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