Thursday, 29 April 2010

1, 2, I Hope you have enjoyed a few 99, 100 --- MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!

It's That, Love Is Something If You Give It Away -- Again!
Well I am so enjoying this blog about a little bit of Chalky's World!
 I can't believe this post marks my 100 th !
So to celebrate I am going to hold my First Giveaway.
I want to put the names of all the people who have been kind enough to leave a comment since my first post and then pick out a winner.
It is those perspectives again --- So many bloggers have sooo many followers.I thought to find all the lovely people who have taken the time to leave a comment on my Blog would only take me a minute. 
NO! I have just gone back to post number 1 and I could not believe all the lovely people who have popped in!

Emily Hadley,Pfungi,Kathy,Louise,Anne,Jean,Mrs Twins,SuSu,Amy Caroline, Stitchin Girl,Alisonb2,Homemakers Tales, AllyColl,Attic 24, Driftwood, Sandy, Antonia, Aida, Anna, Jenn Maruska, Kristin, CCB Knick Knacks, Sal, CindyCB, Anna, Arty Doll, Awemystuff, Becky, Amzi, KC's Court, Puppet Lady. Lizzie Jane, Cathleen, Charles, Sam, Silver Threads. Claires Craftroom. Crafty Helen, The Garden Bell, A Spoonful Of Sugar, Jacqui, Karen, bbabs, The Vintage Magpie, Pauline, Annie Liz, Heather, Melanie,

THANK YOU!! One and all!

Please feel free to add a comment to this post if you have been enjoying a lurk but not as yet posted a comment. The more the merrier!

It really is a pure coincidence that this 100th post also marks a special happy day in Chalky's House and to celebrate we went a little way down the coast to one of my favourite places for 1 of my favourite things----
Dartmouth and a crab sandwich!! I hope,hope,hope it stops raining in a minute!!
I will post some pictures about that in a few days!

So thinking about gifts.
 I love thinking time -- another bonus of retirement! And thinking about gifts is really special. No more rushing to the shops and grabbing the first " might be  OK" present because you have 2 minutes left of your lunch break!!
So I have been thinking about you all.
 I wonder if I show you some of the things I have been finding to 
put in my Giveaway basket you can spot who I was thinking about when I made the selection!

For anyone who knows Sandy at Teacup Lane that was an easy one!

Could be ? or ? or definitely ?

Crafty Ones?



For across the pond?

Green Fingers?

Lovely Lilac!

Just the right shade?


Definitely ?

? OR ?



These made me think of ?

Again this definitely made me think of ?

So just in case you have lost The thread or think I have lost my mind this is the plan---

  I will put  the names of everyone who has left me a comment in a hat.

  I will match the winner with the giveaway I had thought of for them and add some extra Chalky bits and          pieces of course.

 I will email the winner for the correct address and send it off.
 I will tuck the basket away with the remaining goodies for another Giveaway.

A little bit of this will be tucked in!

A final note --- It would be fun if you read this post and feel like leaving a comment to say which gift you think I WAS THINKING OF  FOR YOU!

P.S -- 29 is one of my lucky numbers ! I have been still and static on 28 Followers for simply ages and would love it if someone would join the other lovely people. The more the merrier of course! Encantardo/a


  1. What a lovely basket full of generous gifts! Congratulations on your 100th post. Looking forward to the next 100! I hope it stopped raining for the crab sandwich - was THIS your birthday celebration that you mentioned a couple of weeks ago?


  2. *CHEERS* Huzzah! I'd re-follow if I could bump up your numbers, but I don't think re-following is possible. :( :D

  3. What a lovely lot of goodies. Dartmouth is one of my favourite places - my parents built a house in dittisham about twenty years ago. I love looking in the bookshop at Dartmouth, but haven't been for a while so I don't know if it is still there.

  4. Count me in... I'm really, really wanting just one C.K. item. I love, Love her stuff so much. I just want to touch, feel, smell, dream about one of her goodies all the way across the pond, being loved here in the U.S. What a fun fun giveaway...

    Way to go getting to 100. Isn't this just too much fun here in blog land. By the way, did you take that water picture, stunning. You know I love to take pictures of water, too.

    Have a great day celebrating 100th.
    Heading out to the garden,

  5. Lots of lovely inspirational gifts - you made it to the 100th effortlessly - well it seemed that way to me. I have loved keeping up with all your goings on. Well done, keep it up

  6. What a lovely giveaway Linda. Congratulations on your 100th post. I am looking forward to so many more. Have a super day.

  7. You're too cute! Lovely and generous gifts! Congrats on 100 posts!

  8. Congratulations on getting to a 100 posts! I have a long way to go to match that! Here's to the next 100! It's been great keeping up with your Anglo/Spanish adventures!


  9. Hello

    Just popped in to say hello after your lovely comment on my flowers pattern on For the Love of Crochet. Good luck with your giveaway and congratulations on you 100th post - that's great. As you can probably guess out of your list of goodies it would have to be something yarny for me :-)
    Take Care.

  10. mmmmm crab sandwich and dartmouth - what a great combination!!
    i've been lurking for a while and just needed a shove - now i'm a follower too!


  11. 31 !!! Is my favourite number-- Thanks so much for all popping in.
    Kathy I was in Bovey Tracey yesterday as it was such a wet day we had to postpone (only postpone!) the Dartmouth trip. There is a wool shop there called " Spinning a Yarn " which makes your eyes water and just round the corner " Serendipity Quilts" Materials to die for!!
    If anyone is vaguely near and want a treat lose your partner/other half, whatever and pop in for a long stay!
    Thanks again everybody I was so fed up of seeing number28!!!
    Kindest Regards Linda


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