Wednesday, 3 March 2010

There's always 1 !!!!

" Late On Parade!"
Puppet Lady has a lovely blog and she was incredibly observant when she noticed that there were only 11 puppies asleep. I thought one must have crawled under the covers and did not disturb them to check-- " Let sleeping dogs lie" and all that.
But no, This morning still 11. So, off I went in search, and there was this little puppy very late on parade but not a bit worried.
So thank you Puppet Lady I would have hated one disappointed little one at the wedding. 


  1. Sneaky little puppy! Wonder where he was and what was he up to?

  2. Thank goodness he's safe!

    Thanks for the tip on mosaics, by the way. Been playing with Picasa all day!

  3. Just discovered your blog, and love it! You live in Spain? Do you speak Spanish? Love the blue puppies!

  4. jijiji...i really enjoyed hearing and seeing all about the puppy adventures...what a great gift idea! i'm sure the wee ones will be thrilled to receive such a gift :)

    and thanks for the free pattern link...


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