Saturday, 6 March 2010

Taggie -- Take Two !!

" Brand New Day!"
The old saying for today was " Things Always Look better in the Morning !"
I got up this morning took Taggie number 1 off the shelf and, because I am not easily defeated and, because I hate wasting things and, it was only yesterday I had bought the ribbons I thought about how to put things right.
So here we have Taggie number 1 metamorphisised into Taggie number 2. A bit smaller, but I hope just as cuddly.
We have Spanish neighbours here and they have been very kind to us. Last Year Salome was born and right now she is cutting teeth so a little bit fretful at times. So who better to have the new Taggie.

And what have I learnt. Well certainly to pay more attention to instructions instead of just thinking I know what to do.Also that "Blogland " is a good place to be. 
Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and advice all really appreciated. And lastly the sayings probably are true and you just have to keep trying. Now I just need to work at getting the ribbons straight!!! I was so impressed with this gorgeous blog and the lovely showcase of work there.
I don't know how you found me -- It must be that contagious" blog hopping disease" but I am glad you did!


  1. Oh wow! What a wonderful surprise! I never expected such an honor. Thank you for mentioning my blog. : ) I found your blog through LizzieJane's delightful blog!

    I made three taggie blankets recently and I think with the first one I caught myself just in time before I too sewed the ribbons wrong way 'round.

    I'm happy to hear that you tackled that taggie blanket again and fixed it! The lucky little recipient will spend endless hours playing with all your lovingly placed ribbons. The time you've spent has been worth it.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog - and let me know if you'd ever like to do a ribbon swap! : )

  2. Well these little taggies turned out great! Blogging is fun isn't it? You find such lovely people and such lovely blogs.

  3. looks great I have been out to the lovely fabric shop in Bovey today to by some more SO Soft fabric in blue for another Taggie or two. Kevin's cousin in Ireland has just had a little boy and I thought Baby Senan would love one!

  4. Linda, your taggies are gorgeous. Well done for perservering with them!


  5. Well done for your perseverence! Its sometimes easy to get despondant when things don't go your way but then you return another day and things don't seem so bad, do they?

    I'll respond to your request for a close-up but camera batteries were dead just now - need re-charging (like me after a busy weekend!) In the meantime you could take a look at my profile picture in large size. (Same pic is on my clown puppet Knitting pattern post).

  6. Still a puppy hiding under the taggie!

  7. Theeeeeeeeere we go! Brill idea, really! Tags ARE the best part of anything, right? :)


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