Thursday, 11 March 2010

A Little Bit About Perspectives and The Sporty One and Me!

"Ain't No Mountain High Enough!"
I vividly remember when I was working full time with 3 "littlies" trying to start the car with a banana!My keys were locked inside the house in the fruit bowl! Life was just so hectic!
Thinking time has a really important role in these wonderful retirement years. Time to go on trips down Memory Lane. Time to dream about the future. Time to enjoy this moment,right now.
Over the last couple of days the old saying " opposites attract " has come to mind. A saying so true of the Sporty One and Me!
Nearly 40 years ago an adventure began with a wink. A cheeky London chappie far to trendy and full of himself to attract me. But, attract me he did. Very soon I found myself in a large Gym watching this very same man doing things with his body that I thought warranted an immediate place in the Olympic Team! It had taken me all morning to get out of bed and find the Gym. Here starts the opposites. P.E and me. Not a chance!
I have always followed the Willie Rushton philosophy. All parts of the body should remain in an upright position at all times and if needed moved gently forwards. Or something like that. So, no wonder I was amazed by his antics. Hand Springs,Arab Springs, Flick Flacks and the like. Now to be fair to me I can play a mean game of Table Tennis but under no circumstances is spinning allowed. I like to swim, but my face stays out of the water at all times. Oh, and my Fish Pose in Yoga is progressing well.
So. the rest is History. For many years the Sporty One would launch into a Flick Flack just to please me.

One of the wonderful things about spending the winter in Andalucia is the diversity of landscape. The highlight for the Sporty One is to travel to the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range near Granada and go Snowboarding

Now in theory I would love to don a trendy pair of salopettes and whisk down the slopes with a merry little twist to finish at the bottom. But its all about opposites. I have tried it, but to be frank link it with other such dreams about things I would love to excell at. White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Abseiling,and jumping out of aeroplanes. Launching myself down a steep mountain with things strapped to my feet over which I have no control. No! It's never going to happen.The Sporty One would pay good money to to do such things. No-one could pay me enough money to follow suit! I must check if Willy Rushton has ever tried any such activities.
So I am sitting high on a mountain top thinking about my blog. A scrap of paper covered in scribble is resting on top of a good book.
Beside me is a very sporty rucksack that really looks the business.

But peep inside and I guarantee you that I am the only person on this mountain top with a bag full of woolly bits!

The Sporty One of course is off on a ski-lift somewhere and I am very pleased for him.
We stay in a hotel which used to be a Hunting Lodge and yesterday I spent the day there and I had a good look around.

There are lots of horseshoes which have been made into hooks but the hooks are upside down .Surely the luck will all fall out. A Spanish man explained that in Spain the luck is supposed to fall out so that you can collect it. Perspectives again!

I was in a very large lounge on my own. The manager noticed and immediately lit a beautiful fire. Just lovely, and I appreciated his perspective that it was worth it just for one person -- Me!

However, the walls are adorned with hunting trophies of very kind. Animal heads, antlers, skulls  etc and I found myself thinking about this and realised again it is all about perspectives. I know where I stand on this but after all it was a hunting Lodge.

One good thing about having different perspectives is that the Sporty One and I never sit in hotels and have nothing to talk about. I might not understand about the ins and outs of Snowboarding and he certainly has not a clue about Crochet but we talk and talk so those old opposites certainly do attract!
The One thing I am eternally grateful for is that our 3 children have inherited adventurous genes from their Dad and not me or Willy Rushton!
On final note I don't think these Winter sports can be that hard. There were plenty smaller than this little one and I had to take a picture when the skis were off because they were travelling too fast otherwise!

I bet she would love a knitted puppet from my charity stash!


  1. Aw, such a sweet post! You have such an encouraging marriage, it seems. :) Enjoy your ski/crochet time!

  2. Linda, what a lovely post and a great mention of one of my all-time favourites, Willie Rushton!

    You'd never get me on skis or a snowboard (I can't stand the cold and I'm far too clumsy) but I really admire people who have got the required skills and nerves!

    Life IS all about perspectives, isn't it? I would have been more interested in the contents of your rucksack than the antics on the slopes, and I'm sure that little one would have loved something hand-made!

    My Plastering-One and I spend hours talking (it seems to go so well with a good wine!) - I have learned a lot about renovating (and have been given several diagrams) and he has perfected a good way of looking as if he is listening when I talk about the woolly stuff!

    Thanks for a lovely post!


  3. I can totally relate. We have been married 38 yrs and I too have a sporty one. In the winter it is downhill skiing and snowboarding and in the summer kite boarding. I have experienced some lovely places as I knit, read, write and talk to locals. In the evening we share and often check out a recommended spot. I am so glad to know there are others out there like us. Thnx Aida

  4. Hi Linda thank you so much for your kind comments. I had been thinking about commenting and had to muster up the courage to do so.Having read Sal's post I was feeling down about blogging. I may close my blog now, as I'm sad that maybe my motives for doing this are frowned upon? I shall give it more thought first - don't want to go making any rash decisions!xx

  5. Hi Linda,
    Can't believe you took your wool up a mountain! Well I've heard of some places! But never a mountain. Good for you!
    I bet you sat by that fire too and did a bit more too.
    Great post.
    Handsome fellow there you have!
    Hugs and LOve Suex

  6. I too would take something crafty thing to do while hubby was off doing his thing. Although I love walking I am not the athletic type at all so I can completely relate. I have knitted in so many different places that it is almost comical. After 38 years of marriage to my wonderful man it works for us.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Winter sports are easy for the littlies - they have no fear and not far to fall either!

    I like the wool-stuffed rucksack idea. I'm currently trying to plan my holiday wool packing - such a shame they're so touchy about knitting needles on planes as I'd love to pass the travel time knitting.

  8. Thanks for all your lovely comments. Lots of us like minded folk enjoying the same woolly pursuits. It brings a smile to my face.
    Puppet Lady I used to knit on planes. Apparently they may accept bamboo needles or a crochet hook but I daren't try it. Doh would think the embaressment of being stopped and "stripped" of such equipment a step too far!!
    I think the answer is to contact the airline information services before departure and enquire

  9. Hi Linda,

    Making blankets for Hospice Houses is a wonderful idea! Mi abuelita and I have been doing that for a few years now, and it's always a lot of fun. It's certainly a worthy organization. :)

  10. Sorry to clutter up your comments board but it's the only way to contact you! The address of my Hospice House is
    Kansas City Hospice House
    12000 Wornall Road
    Kansas City, MO 64145

    Their website is

  11. Ahhh yes, we're Yanks. But any Hospice House would be very happy to receive an afghan. :) On behalf of Hospice in general, thanks so much for your kindness!

  12. Just stopping by from SIBOL. What a wonderful blog you have to follow and add to my list. I love the mountains and the snow. Dreaming of skiing on vacation here at the beach today.

    Hugs for a sunny beach today,
    Kate - The Garden Bell

  13. I always take crafty supplies on holidays too! Looks like you found a wonderful vantage point from which to knit.

  14. Hi Linda - what a lovely entry - how fondly you speak of your husband and your time together - so good to hear - love the pics from your hotel - what a lovely fire - just the place to sit and get your stash out - see you on MSE - hope you and "sporty" are having a good easter Jaqui xxx


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