Friday, 19 March 2010

I have learnt something new today!

"Seasons in the sun!"

I have spoken on my blog before that I feel life is a bit like a swing. Memories on the swing back. Dreams on the swing forward.And living life right now, at the bottom of the arc.
A bit of nostalgia here and it is easy to remember being the youngest of the family. I think at times I must have been a real nuisance. Lots of stories come to mind. The toy typewriter that I had for my birthday and my insistence on typing all the way through the Cup Final that very same year. I remember it and me being thrown out the window!
My brothers, one 7 years older and one 4 years older had various techniques to keep me in line. As far as I recollect mostly mind boggling scary. One, if I was being a serious pest was the "Ghost Of Banshee!"
They would threaten that the ghost would come that night if I, for example kept  following them and of course duly report back to Mum with all the technicolour details of what they had been up to !! 
I mean should you not tell your Mum if your brother is hanging out the window smoking a Woodbine aged about 11? 
And should you not tell your Mum that your brother is kissing a girl in the garden shed?
Well on many occasions a scary white sheet would come into my bedroom and float around the room with threats that worse would happen the next night if I did not just play with my dolls and keep as far away from them as possible!!
Another technique I didn't appreciate at the time was to fill my mind with nonsense.But, because I actually worshipped them I hung on their every word.
As a child growing up in the late 50's you really were encouraged to go out to play all day -- especially on Mondays which was wash day !! 
I must have been a funny little scrap because one of my favourite activities was to go to the little churchyard on the hill. I used to find the babies or children's graves and if they were neglected clean them and put wild flowers in the pots. I think I used to invent stories about the tragedy of their demise.
One day my brothers had been sent in search of me. They had looked in all the usual places and were so fed up that I had wasted so much of their time searching for me. So they scoffed at the flowers and told me-
"You see that R.I.P it means Rise If Possible and that baby will have gone by now so you are wasting your time!!" 
Believe it or not I was over 30 when one day I was standing at a graveside and someone said "Rest In Peace" and like a bolt of lightning I realised they had done it again!!!
Actually telling anecdotes of my childhood makes me smile and feel a warmth that comes from being part of a of such a family.
Well today I said " Oh good the 21st of March is the First Day of spring!!" 
No ! That might be what I have always believed but it is not theoretically true.
The Spring equinox this year is the 20th!!
Well I don't care Spring is on the way. 
Spring in Spain is different than that in the U,K but my goodness the wild flowers are beautiful
These are just by the road in the village.
Just beautiful poppies waving in the sun!
Bermudan Buttercups everywhere you look!
Cheery Daisies.
And of course lots of gardens with flowers blooming and really making you believe Spring is really on the way.
Iris's to remind us of Iris
And of course only a few weeks since the glorious Almond Blossom.


  1. Poppies this time, not puppies! I do love poppies though. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your spring flowers for myself when we come to your part of the world, middle of next week (BA permitting!)

  2. Kissing in the garden shed! Umm,well we've all been there! :)
    Great photographs on your post, I really enjoyed looking at them Linda.
    Cant wait to be able to get outside to enjoy the garden, been a long winter.
    Thanks for your visit!
    Have a good weekend, Suex

  3. What wonderful pic's and what wonderful memories...even if they were a little scary. It is fun to look back and remember. It is strange how sometimes a smell or an object will send a memory rushing into our brain.
    Have a great weekend Linda.

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thanks so much for coming over to my blog and leaving a nice comment. I feel like you are a twin to me. When I read your bio I felt it and then when I read this post I knew it was true! I've been married 36 years this May and hubby and I both retired on the same day 1-31-08. I had two older brothers (one almost 4 years older still here and one just an year + a few months that has passed). I loved my brothers and especially adored my the middle one close in age to me AND I was the youngest and only girl. The only time I got whipped with the belt by my Dad was because of something my brother talked me into doing. Oh, the things boys can think up - my brothers had water fights - one would be in the house and one would be in the yard with the hose and water was going back and forth through the open window. Of course my parents weren't home (both worked) and my brothers always managed to clean up before my parents got home and never knew about it. Why the neighbors didn't tell on them I'll never know. I love your banner with those cute teddy bears - do you make them? Well, I'll have to become a follower of your blog and take a nice long look at past posts. So glad we met!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)


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