Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A Bit of Clowning around !

" Send In The Clowns !"
Well getting the puppies finished has allowed me to have a little think about where I want to take my crafting next!
I do like to mix and match charity projects with personal ones.
 My absolute favourite activity is crocheting, especially Granny Squares. I can do them almost without looking. 
I have made a start on the Spring Challenges at Loving Hands.
Lou ,the leading light, gives us willing helpers challenges about 4 times a year and this was one that interested me

Lou-------- Challenge two - for everyone! I don’t know if any of you noticed a few weeks back. Some lovely ladies from a church craft group sent us in what they called ‘Bags of Love’. They had taken bags (like kids swimming or gym kit bags) and filled them for new mums and their babies in overseas hospitals where they often have nothing. In the bags they had put a babygro and vest, 2 disposable nappies, a cardie, hat and mitts and a toy for baby - along with a hand towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap for mum. I thought it was a great idea - a bit like a shoe box in a bag! I have talked it over with our charities and they love the idea too - there have been so many terrible tragedies in the world in the last year or two (the earthquake in Haiti - terrible flooding in Albania - wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan - so much misery and suffering). Between them our charities will get to most of these areas with the convoys they send out this year so I propose we make our own ‘Bags of Love’. Not just for new mums and babies like the ones we had before. This time we will do them for all ages and both sexes - like shoeboxes in bags. Because we will make up each bag for a specific age and sex it will be easier for our charities to distribute them as they can just pick one out of a box, read the label and hand it to the relevant person. You can either fill entire bags yourselves and label them with age, sex etc before sending them in. Or you can send in items to be put into these bags and we can fill and label them here at HQ as we did the shoeboxes for Blythswood in the Autumn.

Well,I have made 15 bags and am now making a little start on the contents.
Puppet Lady  has been visiting Chalky's World lately and she has inspired me to knit some hand puppets for the bags. I remember so well how the "littlies" responded to all different kinds of puppets. So I thought they would be absolutely ideal. I  can usually manage acceptable features but my clowns were more than a little random and I was again grateful to the Puppet Lady for her guidance.
Well I do love to arrange suitable venues for photo shots but a "Big Top" was too tricky.
The sun was shining this morning and they came with us to do our exercise
Well the Sporty One did the walking laps whilst I did the photos but I did catch up with all the exercise apparatus
Memories of Grandmothers are very bright in our lives and Nana Gilbert used to make woolly things out of every odd bit of wool she could lay her hands on. Unpicking cardigans and jumpers and transforming them into teddies for her Great Grandchildren.
She had been a Land Army Girl in the First World War and her ability to "make do and mend never left her!"

These so reminded me of her and I hope they will delight a little boy or girl somewhere in the world. Sophisticated they are not but a friend they may become!
And it was a morning to welcome the sun and blue skies!
No wonder they are smiling!


  1. What have been so busy Linda!!!
    And the weather looks great there.. as it has been here!
    I can't wait to get and do my seeds but it's still a bit chilly!
    Weren't you sporty at school...I can't remember!!

  2. I had my moments with the Hockey team-- I can remember us playing together. I also played in The chudleigh Mixed Team . Also used to throw the discus with Carloe Whitlock but it was all put in the shade when I left school. Lovely to hear from you xx

  3. You're a fast worker! I'll have to pull my socks up, I think, and spend less time reading blogs! Lovely clowns and teddies - I always find it hard to take pictures of them but you've done a great job. Nothing wrong with the faces - they're all so cute!

    Kind regards

  4. Did you miss the puppy Mrs Twins?

  5. Hockey, eh? Not me - gymnastics, trampoline and cross-country, yes, but hockey - I never did get to like that!

    Linda, the puppets are gorgeous and will definitely make friends with the lucky little ones who get them!

    I'm glad you are having good weather; we are too, and hopefully, so are all our loved ones back in the UK. Roll on summer!


  6. Sorry Mrs Twins its Puppet Lady who keeps an eye out for the puppies!

  7. Hi Linda! All your little clowns and teddies are so very sweet. You knit FAST! And...thank you for your lovely and kind comments during my recent injury. Hugs!

  8. Your clowns and teddy's are just lovely. My goodness that is a lot of work. We are enjoying sunshine too. It feels so lovely at this time of year.

  9. Yes Linda, I was so overwhelmed with your lovely puppets that I did miss it at first. I must say I did think about it later, and now I see it lurking amongst the clowns and the teddies!

    I'm teddying myself and the moment - a bit slow for a few days but they'll be blogged soon I hope.

  10. Hi Linda - Sorry it's taken me a bit to get back to you about the ribbon swap. There's a contact link at the top of my blog - send me a note with your email and lets chat about it! Cheers - Jenn : )

  11. My goodness you have been working hard. These are absolutely adorable.
    Question for you. I have often wondered all those beautiful teddies at the top of your page. Do you have them still? Do you collect them? Or were these for Charities? I often wonder when i visit you.
    Great post!


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