Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on ----- us, this week!!!

"Lay Your Blanket on the Ground!"
A special week for us this week and one we have been looking forward to this Spring.
We love it when family and friends visit and almost always things go really smoothly, and this beautiful area of Spain shows itself off in its very best light.
But that was not to be this week.We had plans.Plans to go up to the Sierra Nevada Mountains and have a couple of days on the slopes.
Plans to do lots of walking by the sea and up in the mountains but the weather had plans all of its own.
So,sadly, the rain in Spain has fallen mainly on us.The winds have been so strong the ski resort has been closed.
However, as always things have positives to balance the negatives.
So, with so much time indoors  we have been able to keep in touch with the Winter Olympics.
Of course some crafting was on the cards.
A joint project for charity which has kept Charlotte and I busy all week.
A Lapacuddlyghan with a difference. A Babette pattern and a riot of colour. We ignored the fact that they are precious few true right angles and just concentrated how cheery and cuddly it will be.
Of course when the sun did shine we were quick to make the most of it and had a lovely time just up the coast from us at San Juan De Los Terreos.
And the sea looked beautiful.
On our last night together we went out for a meal and it was lovely.
So its "Hasta Luego" to Owen and Charlotte and thanks for being really chilled guests! 
I didn't take any pictures of the tissues at the departure gate!!
And there are no pictures of the sun and blue skies that travelled with us all the way back down the motorway to Turre!!! Or the shade temperature on the top Terrace.
Life can bowl some low balls sometimes but hopefully we will have lots more innings before too long.


  1. Glad you had a good week even if the weather was rotten.
    Typical half term weather here too!

  2. Shame about the weather, Linda, but there's always next time! The photos are lovely, especially the one of you all together.


  3. Really nice photos Linda. Beach looks great. YOur blanket looks smashing. So full of colour. Hope you will pop over on Monday to see my second blanket for the Elderly.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. Mrs Twins I spent ages visiting your blog today-So glad my squares arrived safely.Your blankets are going to be beautiful.
    You and I are on a very similar path in life at the moment as I have lots of squares about to land in my lap for very special Lapacuddlyghans thanks to all my friends on Knit a square to give your share an inspirational charity thread started by Kathy on Martins Money Tips
    Thanks again Kindest Regards Linda

  5. It is a shame that the weather did not co-operate, but never mind it looks like you had a wonderful time anyway. Your crochet blanket is just lovely and vibrant. How lovely that you could work on it together. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos.


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