Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Pat is vague about the Chillies!!

Tuesdays are gardening days in Spain with lovely lunches in payment!! 
Today on the table was a jar of Hot Chilli Pickle Sauce made by my friend Pat. 
I had commented on it before so she had kindly written out the recipe for me titled-
 "Rather Vague Recipe for Chilli Pickle Sauce!!"
We love tasty food and sometimes a curry hits just the right spot!
We have a little Indian Restaurant near us where we go. After our last visit I thought about its name-
I remembered tucked in amongst our Cookery Books was The Far Eastern Odyssey by Rick Stein.

I actually love Cookery Books especially ones that are well illustrated.
This book has wonderful pictures, pictures that remind us of our trip to Thailand to visit Briony when she was travelling.
And on the first few pages chillies in huge piles

Red and Green.

Pat's recipe is rather vague because you might use dried chillies or you might use fresh chillies.
You might use very hot chillies or the chillies may be less fiery!
You might like more sugar or vinegar according to personal taste. I think you might be getting the picture.
But I was determined to go on my own Odyssey with chillies so-

I have been caught with chillies before and always remember the story of a little girl called Katie who made pies in her garden in Jakarta from fresh chillies!

So it was scoop the seeds out with a spoon and wear rubber gloves!

Always Garlic and a good dollop of ginger.

Whizz ! Add some white wine vinegar.

Add a layer of Lubrin Olive Oil. We helped pick those olives personally! Read a little more here!
And here we have it a jar of Chilli Pickle Sauce. It has been sampled and declared to have a kick that is not in any way vague!

If you would like the recipe I will post it but I can guarantee yours will not taste like Pat's or mine!!


  1. Oh Pat, rather Vague, but alway AMAZING!
    What a wealth of knowledge, skills and ideas I owe to you both.
    much love

  2. Hi there,

    I saw your comment on Lucy's Attic24 blog and thought I would try to help (if I can!).

    To post a link into your blog entry, first you need to copy the address of the page that you want to link to.
    Then, when writing your blog entry you need to type in the word(s) that you want people to click on to go to that page,
    eg, "read more". Then, highlight these words and click on the button that looks like a globe wearing sunglasses.
    On Blogger this should be next to the button to change the colour of your text. When you click this, a box will pop up
    saying "enter a URL". Paste the address you have copied into this box and voila, you have posted a link into a blog entry :-)

    I hope this helps!

  3. My brother-in-law is a chilli addict and gave us 3 jars of different flavoured home-made chilli chutneys for Christmas. He doesn't bother to remove the seeds, so they're extreemly firey and will last us quite a while, I think.

    And yes, rubber gloves are essential when handling chillis!

    Just a quick addendum to Heather's helpful hint. A trick I use a lot for cutting and pasting:
    to cut: highlight the text and then use ctrl C.
    to paste: ctrl V.

    I find this useful in windows that do not have a menu bar.

  4. Thank you both so much I will inwardly try to digest that information and give it a go!! Its so kind of you to take the time to help

  5. Well this looks just yummy. Glad to see that you were wearing gloves when handling those peppers. It sure does hurt when you forget and rub your eye. Yes, been there done that!


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