Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The Lull After The Storm!

"Love is something if you give it away!"
Last week we had a terrible storm.So we put down the blinds and stayed in. I have not seen rain like it here before,ever.
I decided to give the Craft Room a really good tidy -- Which really means untangle all the wool and find the missing crochet hooks!!
Anyway I found so many little bits of wool I decided to make another Lapacuddlyghan for charity using them all.
Perhaps it has not the muted colours of some afghans or signs of the carefully thought out colour co-ordination but I hope a special person somewhere in the world will get comforted but its cuddlyness and warmth.
As for the missing hook -- some more tidying needed methinks!


  1. It is a very beautiful Lapacuddlyghan. What a lovely gift to keep someone warm and snuggly. I always dread tidying up my craft room but I feel so good once it is all finished.

  2. Nice one Linda!
    I always find it very satisfying to use up the oddments of wool. Probably because I can then justify adding more to the stash afterwards!

  3. Hi Linda,
    Your blanket is fantastic! Really loving it. Can I ask how many blankets have you made for Charity? I'm just loving doing mine too. It's so nice to receive the squares from everyone and try and put them to a good cause.
    Hugs and Love Suex


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