Sunday, 21 February 2010

A little more -- " Love is something if you give it away !"
Still very much enjoying creating Lapacuddlyghans with no other purpose than to give them away.
This idea started a little while ago here
 As I work I wonder about the person-- baby, child, girl, boy, homeless or sick who might end up gaining comfort from something I have enjoyed making. 
Something I have made in the comfort of my home and then sending it many miles away not knowing where it will end up!
So here is the latest-- Lots of pinks and purples-- will a little girl have it to cuddle because most little girls like pink and purple or maybe a Mum will be given it to swaddle a baby girl in -- or will someone older be given it to comfort them if they are feeling lonely!
Wherever it goes it is sent with lots of love!
And I would love to have a picture of it when it reaches its destination!


  1. Oh Linda i love the colours and pattern you chose for this love sent lapacuddlyghan

  2. Gorgeous and so very kind of you, whoever receives it will love and cherish it forever.
    Love your blog. :) xxx

  3. Linda your blanket is gorgeous. I love the colours. Pink is my favourite colour, whether deep pink or light pink.
    You've made a beautiful job, well done.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  4. Lovely colours in this blanket Linda. You're a fast worker too! Well done for creating something that will be appreciated and loved by whoever receives it.


  5. Wonderful blanket and such wonderful colors. It is nice knowing that your beautiful work will make someone smile.

  6. Beautiful lapacuddlyghan,Linda. I'm sure it will be much-treasured by the lucky person who receives it. I love the colours.


  7. My friend has just set up a charity based in Galway, Ireland, called Still Born & Still Loved, and she is asking for people to make and donate blankets and burial gowns, to give to the parents of still born babies, to bury them in. Would you be interested in donating? You can find more info on my blog. xxxx

  8. Thank you so much Linda for kindly saying you will contribute, that is so so kind of you. My friend said thank you so so much. Please could you make the blanket about 15'x15' to any pattern, using baby colurs like pinks, blues, yellows. Please email my friend and she will give you the address ect.. You will find her email address on her site, which you can access via my site.
    Thank you so much. xxx


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