Friday, 12 February 2010

A Little bit of this and that!

"Bits and pieces!"
We love having visitors and spending time with family and friends.
Of course when you have had weeks of lovely weather it is more than a little frustrating when things take a turn for the worst.
Never mind we will share lovely meals and keep our fingers crossed that strong winds don't interfere with some fun in the Sierra Nevadas in the snow!
So I have been busy making a special cake for Owen and Charlotte. Chocolate really does tick all the boxes!
I have also been busy clearing up and finishing the latest Craft projects.
A new crochet style. The Babette Blanket, turned into another Lapacuddlyghan. 
I love the different textures achieved by using different ways of crocheting trebles.
Loving Hands 
have just announced their new challenges and I loved the sound of this idea.

2. Challenge two - for everyone! I don’t know if any of you noticed a few weeks back. Some lovely ladies from a church craft group sent us in what they called ‘Bags of Love’. They had taken bags (like kids swimming or gym kit bags) and filled them for new mums and their babies in overseas hospitals where they often have nothing. In the bags they had put a babygro and vest, 2 disposable nappies, a cardie, hat and mitts and a toy for baby - along with a hand towel, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap for mum. I thought it was a great idea - a bit like a shoe box in a bag! I have talked it over with our charities and they love the idea too - there have been so many terrible tragedies in the world in the last year or two (the earthquake in Haiti - terrible flooding in Albania - wars in Kosovo and Afghanistan - so much misery and suffering). Between them our charities will get to most of these areas with the convoys they send out this year so I propose we make our own ‘Bags of Love’.

So I got the machine out and put my foot down hard on the pedal and made these bags out of material someone kindly gave me a while back. 
What a lovely thought, a bag for giving lots of love!


  1. What a lovely post today! I can just see myself sitting on that wonderful blanket eating a big peice of that yummy chocolate cake! Bliss!
    The Bags of Love idea is just so great. As we all know little babies sure do need a lot of things. It is also nice that the mums haven't been forgotten too. What a kind heart you have Linda. Have a lovely time with your visitors.

  2. That choc cake looks yummy :-) Blanket looks wonderful :-)The bags of love ae great :-) x

  3. I love your blanket Linda. Yes I read this too, it sounds a good idea.
    Did you receive my squares?

  4. We are in Spain at the moment so will look forward to seeing it on our return-- Thank you so much
    I hope mine have arrived from rainy Spain x


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