Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Can It Be Nearly A Year Ago !!!?

" Memories!!"
A year ago we were very busy thinking about Owen and Charlotte's wedding day on the 23rd of  May.
The first of our three children to take the plunge!!
Even though we were as usual spending the winter in Spain we felt a real part of all the preparations.
Skype,email and messenger were busy with all the "tooing" and " froing" of ideas.
Charlotte, I know at times felt like she had found herself in a sweat shop. 
She made all the bridesmaids dresses and quietly planned so many small touches. 
Touches which all seemed to come together so effortlessly on their big day. 
A day which was so special and filled with happy memories.
Charlotte's family were so supportive in so many ways and a videographer was a special present.
As always things do not always go according to plan. And due many different circumstances the DVD itself was massively delayed.
However, Owen and Charlotte have just come to Spain to spend Spring half term week with us and packed in their suitcase was a copy of the wedding DVD for us to keep.
Well, of course it brought back so many happy memories.Truthfully the tissues were needed but what a very special reminder of a wonderful day.

To watch some of Charlotte & Owens wedding video/DVD ...Login at the following address:-
Username = Videovault
Password = Charlotte1
Once you've logged in, scroll down the page and then click on 'My Media'
This will take you to a page that shows you two wedding videos (1.The start of Charlotte and Owens wedding DVD, and 2. The Montage from the end)
Simply click on the video you want to watch to make it play.

And like the best films it is not over when it says The End-- keep looking to see some of the best moments.
Here are a few of my favourite moments and of course I am not at all biased!

Well soon a year will have passed and we will watch the Dvd many times I am sure !!


  1. I made myself a lovely cup of tea and sat down to watch these two wonderful wedding video's. I think I got a little misty eyed myself! What a lovely wedding. I have always liked an English wedding. I think it must have something to do with the lovely hats!. Thank you so very much for sharing Linda. Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time. What a lovely keepsake to have of their special day. By the way the guy with the blue and orange hair was great!
    Take care,

  2. Wow..It looks a fantastic day!
    I bet you are one proud mum!!
    Hope you have had a good time with your visitors.
    xx ;-)

  3. Where does the time go!
    What a truly beautiful family you have.
    I'm sure you are having a fabulous time with Owen and Charlotte.


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