Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What is it about carrots!!!

"Needles and Pins!"
I have a little leather needle case with "Newquay" stamped on it accompanied by a little picture of a Cornish Pixie. The little stud which closes it has the letter "S" on it. 
"S" for Staddon, my maternal Grandmothers name. She taught me so much about sewing and looked after her needles beautifully. I wish I had inherited that trait. I lose mine all the time and then find them prodded into the nearest soft surface to where I have been working!

My girls don't really sew. and look upon my crafting with a mixture of affection and humour. They can however soon knock up a fancy dress costume when needed, which is quite often !!

The men in my life are really quite adept at sewing -- years of neglect by me I guess!!

So thinking of sewing and Fancy Dress carrots came to mind. This costume is a firm favourite and one that always make me smile!

I wanted to make all three of my girls something Hand made for Christmas that they could keep.

A carrot needle case for the carrot!!

And apples for the other two!

I filled them with needles and lots of love!

And they were really pleased -- I think!

As my very special Vintage case is safely in Ogwell I thought I would make myself one.
 And I will try and stop prodding needles in random places!


  1. Hi Linda - I'm careless with pins and needles, too. I think the reason the older generation were (and are) careful with theirs is because they had to make them last. These days, they are so cheap, although that's no excuse. I need to sort my sewing box out so, having been reminded about how precious pins and needles used to be, I will take more care of mine from now on!

    Glad you arrived back safely.


  2. what cute needlebooks!! the carrot costume really cracks me up...she looks so helpless lying there...makes me wonder if carrots feel the same way ;)

  3. I'm always losing needles and getting told off in the process!
    I assume you made it back to Spain?
    BTW ...It was lovely of you to 'visit' Nich!
    Have fun! ;-)

  4. Yes, a bit of a long protracted journey but here safe and sound. Won't mention the weather but keep safe. Lots of love Linda


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