Thursday, 14 January 2010

A pound coin and a Chocolate Penny !!

"Heads,Shoulders,Knees and Toes!!"
I knew something had to be done when I came in from the cold during our last few days in the UK and tried to unwrap the pound coin in my pocket thinking there was chocolate inside!
I suppose I could congratulate myself because over Christmas I did not succumb to my absolute favourites- Chocolate Brazil Nuts!
 But in all honesty that was only because we did not have any !!
 Everything else was sampled and enjoyed.
So with Christmas and New Year done and dusted it really is time to get back into non stretchy jeans and fitted tops.
In the village where we live in Spain there has been a lot of activity just down the hill from our house.

Tennis Courts have been built. 

Then a track was made in a big loop.

 and now twelve pieces of exercise equipment have been added. 

So yesterday we went to investigate. And a new regime has started for the Sporty One and ME !!
So lots of "Heads,Shoulders,Knees and toes.
Then back up the hill.

For a well deserved coffee!!

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