Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hasta Luego!!

"Puppy Love!"
Well Christmas and New Year have been celebrated and enjoyed and the happy memories are tucked away for another year.
So now we are thinking about our return to Spain and the second half of our winter life there.
 Of course the weather is providing some distractions and obstacles but we will get there in the end!!
Obviously we are getting used to "Hello's and Goodbyes's" and thankfully the internet keeps us in contact with all our friends and loved ones in both places.
But Buster as clever as he is isn't computer literate yet!!
So we know when he visits the house and we are here he gets so excited he can't even walk straight.
 He searches for us when we are not here.
 But soon he will have his own passport and can travel so its not Goodbye Buster it is definitely Hasta Luego!!

And you will love the sunshine and beaches!


  1. Hope it's not long before Buster gets his passport! He will make for a very handsome photo!


  2. Ye, he is gorgeous isn't he !!! xx Sounds cold you way as well. Our fingers are still crossed for our departure tomorrow.

  3. What a sweet little face!!!!


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