Thursday, 10 December 2009

What's that smell coming from the kitchen !!

"Oranges and lemons!"
We have a lemon tree in the garden and the oranges are ripening all around us so I just wanted to try something Citrusy and Christmassy

So just for once in the style of Gordon Ramsey I will be brief because I should be doing other things but this is the type of thing I love doing best!- Slice and lay the fruit on absorbent paper to take some of the juiciness away.

Place on a tray. Some slices can be rubbed with Cinnamon but it makes the slices darker. I left mine plain as I wanted a translucent look.
Pop in the oven. There are so many variations and combinations of cooking times it is quite bewildering but if you Google "Drying orange slices" you can take your pick. Too much responsibilty for me to choose for you as I don't want to add any stress to your life if they dont turn out exactly as you want them.

A little while or a lot later on the slices, dry and beautiful.


I wanted to use them as a Table Decoration for a meal tomorrow night and as the table will be quite full I wanted to make a Centrepiece. So I tumbled them all into a glass with a few other Christmassy bits and am really pleased with the result and it smells delicious!

And next to it another idea for an icy look but still with fruit!

So now on with the things I should be doing!!


  1. Mouthwatering stuff, Linda, and your mention of oranges reminded me of visits to the Orange quarter in Marbella where we've had many a happy evening sampling the local brew! I hope your meal tomorrow goes well!


  2. Gorgeous! I did a similar thing a couple of years ago.
    It must be lovely to have the fruit at hand though!
    I have cinnamon sticks tied to my tree with some gingham ribbon!

  3. Thank you both for your lovely comments. The house is smelling beautiful x


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