Thursday, 17 December 2009

Waggy Tails and Welcomes!!

"Puppy Love!"

The weeks in Spain this Autumn have flown by and we returned to the UK on Tuesday. Our first impression is always how cold it is. But we soon realise that it is us who are out of step, we layer up both in bed and out and about.The hot water bottle becomes my best friend!
The other thing that soon becomes very evident at this time of year is just how fast everybody is moving. It really is quite quiet in our area of Spain so to see queues of traffic and Supermarkets with Car Parks bulging we realise again it is us who is out of step.
The best thing about coming home is seeing the people we love, family and friends and this year Buster as well. We wondered if our Summer Playmate would have forgotten us. He has grown so much in so many ways but forgotten us, No!!
So keeping away from all the crowds we headed down to the River for a lovely walk with him.

That water is freezing!!

 "I am not going in there no matter what you promise me! "

Well the walk was lovely. Time spent with Buster a little diversion from the fact that we have a very Special Day just a little while away. I think we shall head down to the River again after Christmas Dinner to save us all from napping on the sofa!


  1. It must be a bit of a shock for you as is flippin freezin here!!
    Talking of packed supermarkets, I was at the Willows yesterday and I was almost in despair as I could not find a space,when all of a sudden a man jumped out from nowhere and held up a sign which said 'Space'...and he directed me to a parking space.
    So M&S now employ a person to do this..imagine the job advert 'Spaceman required...etc...'!!! ;-)
    I am going back to Totnes today as you could not move there on Tuesday night!
    For how long are you back here?

  2. Hi Linda

    Good to see that you arrived home safely and that Buster didn't forget you! How could he?! Have a great time and a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!



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