Sunday, 27 December 2009

Socks and surprises!! DefinItely not your usual Christmas pair -- Have a lIttle peek!!!

"Hey,Hey we're the Monkeys!!"

To be able to spend time in Spain "crafting" and creating is one of my greatest pleasures. Then I get all excited with the results and want to share them but often they are for very special presents for very special people so they have to spend quite a few months under wraps before I can place pictures here on my blog. Otherwise the surprise would be spoilt!! So here we have what I lovingly created with a pair of socks!!

We know a kind man in Spain who drives a posh car and has some Liberty ties. He was giving them away to Charity and I just thought of the monkeys!

It's hard to choose a favourite

The gang!

And then to join the gang there is Mathilda for someone very Special!

Yes, really I promise, they are all made with 1 pair of socks and lots of love !

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  1. Linda! These are BRILLIANT! I love the photo of all of them lined up like that, makes such a great impact. Talented lady :)

    Best wishes, hugs and squishes for the New Year... long may your creativty continue! x


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