Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Pinch,Punch First of the Month and lets all pick some olives!!

"It's a Family Affair!"

Tuesdays are Gardening Days and lovely lunches. 
So today everybody turned their attention to the very Old Olive Trees in our friends garden.
Spain is the worlds largest Olive Oil producer and exporter, and our area, Andalucia is the biggest Olive Tree growing area on the planet.
As we have travelled we have seen mile after mile of Olive trees. Trees in neat irrigated lines for as far as the eye can see especially in the Jaen area

However, one of the lovely things about living here is that there are small groves of Olives dotted around everywhere. A patchwork quilt of planting among the orange groves. And all of a sudden as the end of November approaches you see families working amongst their trees, collecting the olives which are then taken to the nearest mill where the Olives are processed. Lots of very small villages have their own mills and people wait expectantly to know if their harvest is a good one,one which yields a high percentage of oil. 
Between four to eleven kilos of Olives are needed to make one litre of oil!

Machines are used for commercial picking but families either pick by hand or use rakes to persuade the trees to give up their fruits!

The very large Gordal Olives are so satisfying to pick as the baskets fill so very quickly. They are delicious and served with Tapas accompanied by a glass of Red Wine or two!! However, sadly they do not produce a high yield of oil when they are pressed.

They almost look like plums on the trees!


So its lay out the nets and pick and pick!

Even Dear Iris joined in on the first day of her holiday!!

So its off up the mountain to Lubrin and hopefully a high yield of oil for these olives!


  1. Wow, Linda, the olives look gorgeous - I wish I could taste them! Sounds like you had a wonderful day!


  2. It makes me think of all those Christmas productions "Wind through the olive trees softly did blow round little Bethlehem long long ago" one of Pats favourites if I remember rightly.

  3. Yes, definitely. I had forgotten and what a pretty song that is. Lovely memories of little ones !! Hope life is not too hectic for you. Lovely to see you popping in over here on the blog cos life is definitely not hectic here!!! Took Mum for a cup of tea tonight and it arrived with 3 doughnuts , 3 Sausage Rolls, 1 piece of Tortilla and 3 slices of bread---- Well I say no more


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