Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A one armed angel and a penguin has broken his legs!!

"Bits and Pieces!"

Having the loft insulated this year meant that Andy did not have to clamber up to the loft to rescue the Christmas decorations from their dark home. 
Their new place of residence made contemplating putting up the decorations so much easier.
We have had 34 Christmas' together and every year I delight when I open the boxes. I always forget some of the little treasures hiding inside. 
I am sure everybody is the same. so many of the decorations have stories and a history linking them to a loved one or a very special occasion. It is like meeting old friends. Some are looking so much worse for wear-- we have an angel with one arm and a penguin with two broken legs-- Well he only had one, but Andy thought he would look better evened up so he broke the other one as well!!
So our decorations are not a bit like the ones that grace glossy magazines they are not colour coordinated, follow a theme or sophisticated but they are put up with lots of love and hope, for another  Special Christmas.

I love Snowmen and have collected lots over the years. They sit in pride of place on the windowsill !

Some are very tasteful and some make me laugh!

I love flowers at any time of year but the mix of red and green really epitomises Christmas. 
Out in the cold two flower sellers were almost giving away these gorgeous flowers as they wanted to go home by the fire. 
The flowers themselves looked so cold but given a good drink and mixed with foliage they look so lovely

It would not be Chalky's World if a bit of "crafting " wasn't included at Christmas and I suppose in many ways this makes me very nostalgic. We have little knitted figures that were made lovingly by children in our classes. Lovely home made gifts from friends .And of course little gems which came home from school made by our lovely lot when they were little and they come out every year.

When we were first married we managed to buy a little tree but I remember having no money for decorations so I sat and made the little Santa's from scraps of felt. When I told my Mum about this she showed me the decorations she had made out of silver paper when she was first married and gave them to me. What wonderful memories of loved ones at Christmas time!

So Merry Christmas to one and all and my very best wishes to you and your loved ones in 2010!


  1. Linda, I wish you a wonderful christmas!


  2. Merry Christmas to you all
    Was lovely to spend a little time with you last night. I will never forget our times working together at this festive time of year, how you would bring in your fabulous china snowmen and let all the little ones pass them around as your musical one would slowly chime and turn round in the middle of the circle and the wonder on those little faces!
    much love

  3. Wonderful photos, Linda!

    I wish you and your family a peaceful happy Christmas, and a great New Year! Thanks for all you have done for Knit Your Square to Give Your Share in 2009!

    Happy Hedgie Christmas!!


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