Monday, 28 December 2009

My First Real Journey With Applique and Madeleine Millington !!

"In The Summertime!!"

A very Happy Christmas to a very Special Girl !!

Near us is the little Moorland Town of Bovey Tracey .Over the years of my life it has had quite a significance. I once worked as a waitress in a restaurant there. My brother Norman celebrated his 21st birthday in the Dolphin Hotel and a few years later my Dads barns and Woodland were auctioned in the bar.
The Devon Guilds Of Craftsmen have an Exhibition Centre in the main street just by a watermill.

I love to go there. But be assured there are no bargains so just stroll awhile and enjoy. Doing just this I spied the works of Madeliene Millington
And inspired, I booked up for a course in Applique. It was wonderful and challenging!!
Arriving it was wonderful to see a wide range of ages.The course ran from ten 'til four. And then I came home and sewed until two o'clock in the morning  and when I awoke the next morning sewed all day--- I was seriously loving it !!!
And for my very special God Daughter the result of my first project that had many stages and much sweat and tears!!!
Anyway after help from friends and some serious tweaking I hope I have made a present which will last for a lifetime--- With a very special book tucked inside!!

So the first challenge was to find a Vintage Pure Wool Blanket. I remember them well on freezing winter nights before Central Heating. Tucking them under your arm and watching the patterns you could make with your breath on the freezing air just beyond your face. Sadly I had taken all Mums into the Charity Shop before I had heard of Madeleine Millington. Now friends are getting up early and scouring Boot Fairs for them !!
With so many different projects to choose from it was hard but Crazy Patchwork appealed!!

 My little God Daughter has a holiday home just outside Padstow and every day her Summer life is filled with beaches, Rock Pools, paddling,and all things Cornish accompanied by her big sister and wonderful family.
So I wanted to capture that in her cushion.

Initials to personalise it and a kiss for luck !

Little knitted Beach Huts with lovely Noro Wool.

Sun and seagulls to remind her of Treyarnon and Harlyn!

I can not tell you how many little stitches went into this but then the challenge was to change the piece of work into something she could enjoy!

And here is the cushion from the back. I so hope she enjoys reading and cuddling!

A change from my usual knitting and "hooking" activities!


  1. She loves it
    as we all do
    it already has pride of place on the bed
    and every visitor has to see it and count the beach huts.
    A truly magicial precious gift.
    Which i know will have a special place in Niamhs heart forever.
    much love as always

  2. xxxxxx Lots of love to a very special person who is part of a very special familyxxx

  3. it's lovely...and sososo colorful.

  4. This is really beautiful and I'm sure it will be treasured for many years to come.
    Just stopping by my Followers to say hi and to wish you a Happy New Year.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Is that the same restaurant in Bovey where you were often rude to the owner's son, Linda...?
    Amazing work, by the way. Colin

  6. Linda! This is gorgeous!!! I love beachy things and this is absolutely beautiful, lucky Niamh! x

  7. Linda you are so amazingly talented! The cushion is beautiful. lots of love as always Paula and co xxxxxx

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