Saturday, 14 November 2009

Sunrise, Hello and Name flags!

" Hello, Hello !"
After posting on my blog yesterday I thought about a lifetime of sleepyness. The one good thing I have found as I get older is to save worry for important things but I did think I perhaps should see the sun rise a bit more. So this morning when I first awoke I jumped out of bed hopeful that I wasn't too late. Very different than my usual one eye open and turn over hoping to drift back to sleep.
Here we have the glimpses of my early morning and I only jumped back into bed for a little while !
As I was saying a silent hello to the new day my thoughts wandered to all our loved ones and I wished  good days for them all but right now we are thinking about a new little baby,our great niece Zara Emily. She was welcomed into the world on 11/11/09 in Abu Dhabi. I thought of her beginning her day, so new and I am sure absolutely perfect!

Yesterday in the local market in Turre I saw a young couple with a pram and I remember the Silver Cross Prams when I was a child. Lots of the Spanish babies are dressed absolutely beautifully even though the clothes are very expensive. This is especially true on Sundays and I loved this beautiful pram!

So with babies at the front of my mind I stopped all other craftyness to start a name flag for Zara. I love the name and was very relieved that she wasn't named Alexandra or any other very long name or my task would have been greater,
My friend happened to choose some buttons for me when she was visiting her daughter in York.So they were perfect for the embellishments.

So. Its Hello to Zara!

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