Sunday, 29 November 2009

A Star Turn!

"Bits and Pieces!"

Of course half the fun when you are thinking of making something is getting everything out to have a look at and choose what to use.Little bits and pieces that have been collected over time that have been tucked away waiting for a new project.
I love these collage pictures - you can do wonderful things with Picassa 3 and they just seem to capture the idea of collections beautifully

Lots of lovely ribbons from Liv in Newton Abbot Market and the Christmas house in East Ogwell.

Lots of beads from broken necklaces just waiting for a new role!

With so much to choose from and my way of usually choosing the simpler options it is always interesting and so rewarding to have the time to choose carefully. At times like this it is so easy to reflect back to my working life as a busy Mum of three. My wonderful Nursery Nurse Rachel used to have the job of wrapping Birthday presents for me as we drove. She got very adept at it but finesse was not possible. She has chosen a very different life with her lovely family since those times as well!
So here a little while later are the finished results to be sent back to the UK on Monday for a very special person as she decorates her Christmas House.

One with a red tassle and one with a gold.

So now its pack it up and send it on its way just to say We Love You !


  1. Wow, lot's of beauty and inspiration!

    Anna x

  2. Thanks Anna I am at the beginning of my Blog journey and it was lovely to find your kind comment. Please pop in again . Kindest Regards Linda

  3. i collect EVERYTHING! since i can always imagine it in a future project :) your collection looks very familiar to me, and is quite inspiring :)

  4. Ooh looking LOVELY! There are similar to some decs I bought from the National Trust you know - you clearly have good taste! :) What's 'Picasso 3'? I love the mosaics you've made, they look very professional. x

  5. The mosaics are found on Picassa 3. Great fun and lovely results. Thanks for popping in to visit me.


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