Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Sporty One and a bit of shopping !!

"I want to make you a Star!!"

People who have visited us will understand this completely-- there really is nowhere to shop! If you need a regular shopping fix then it definitely isn't the place for you. There are wonderful hams,olive and vegetables in abundance but shopping for the sake of shopping . NO! And that suits me just fine-- quirky I know!!
However, on a Thursday Andy goes to the Gym and does Circuit Training and I went to Parque Commercial. A small complex on the beach about five miles from our village. Sadly many Spanish shops are really struggling because of the poor exchange rate. I wandered around and thought of Christmas and suddenly a bit of creativity stirred!!
Here unlike the pound shops at home they are called the "Penny Peseta" shops. I love them and tonight I bought these for sixty pence with a project in mind. 

I will get back with hopefully something special for someone very special at a very special time of year !


  1. I wonder if your Penny Peseta shops are more interesting than Poundland?!!!
    I wandered around Newton yesterday...did the charity shops (as you well know Newton is full of them!) Sadly, I did not find much this time.
    I think there must have been a coach excursion to do Newton's charity shops as the shops were soooo busy! Shows where people are doing their Christmas shopping!!
    Hope you have a good weekend! ;-)

  2. Thanks Sal.Its so nice to be in touch. Yes the penny peseta shopa are full of very interesting things! Have a good weekend


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