Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sometimes only a little bit of something sweet will do!!

Sweets for my sweet!
I recently read the book "Toast" by Nigel Slater and it was truly evocative for someone of my age. Food and memories of food takes you on a journey that spans all of your lifetime and its funny how certain foods immediately makes you think of someone who may not even be here anymore.
Coming from farming families my parents understood the need for good wholesome food. Coming from Devon meant there was also regional additions such as pasties,cream teas,saffron buns and lots of clotted cream!
When I was 14 I was allowed to get a little job after school and joy of joys I got a job in Arthur Balls Sweet Shop!
I have never been a very measured sort of person, apparently Taureans aren't. So when there was something sweet on offer I was not a " have 1 and save the rest for later " kind of girl. My oldest brother could save his Easter Eggs from one year to the next and then,when they had a nice whitish bloom he would offer to sell them to me and my other brother !!! True brotherly love ! I can't remember if we bought them or not!
I also once shared a room with a girl at College who could eat 1 square of chocolate and save the others ( but always leave it in my view) for weeks and weeks. I am not at all like that and understand the Dawn French approach to sweet things and chocolate in particular.
Yesterday after having a very virtuous few days-- no wine, no beer and no sweets or chocolate I was very busy trying to distract myself from the latter.
First I made a batch of natural yogurt

Our day starts well with Weetabix, yogurt and fruit.
Well that was fine but certainly did nothing to distract me and then on the Weetabix theme I remembered a very good recipe for Weetabix cake-- In the back of my mind I did remember it needed soaking for a long time but was sure an extra stir would help it along and of course its virtue is that it has no fat. Ideal !!

I only cut it to check the fruit was evenly distributed!

It is really delicious and keeps well. So that should have done the trick but ever since our return a small packet of chocolate chips have been winking at me everytime I open the fridge door and I really wanted to make something with them not just open the packet and eat them .So as its wasteful to have the oven on just for 1 cake I googled Chocolate Chip cookies, found a yummy looking recipe and added a handful of mini marshmallows  for good measure.(Of course I thought about my friend Louise as I poured them in and just ate a few to test for quality control !!)
Well The Chocoalte Chip, marshmallowy  cookies really did do the trick. Sweeter than ;
Tiffin Bars
Five Boys
Lemonade Powder
Aniseed Balls
Sweet Tobacco
Opal Fruits
Curly Wurlys
Everton Mints
Clarnico Mints
Black Jacks
Fruit Salad
Gobstooppers ( I was never allowed those!)
Sherbert Lemons and Dib Dabs.
Love Hearts
Sweet Peanuts
Flying Saucers
Chocolate Raisins
Milky Bar
Milky Way
Sweet Cigarettes 
Sherbet Dib Dabs
Sherbert Fountains
Fox's Glacier Mints
And lastly probably my very favourite Chocolate Brazil Nuts!
I bet you could make a similar list of your very own favourites

First we ate some Cookies hot, well, one always breaks as you are taking them off the tray ! Then we tried some to see if they were better cold.I did give some away and beleve it or not there are still some for afternoon tea time today or maybe after lunch  or maybe with coffee in a minute!

Anyway the end of this story is that in my childhood I was always given a wide variety of food and encouraged to eat everything and really a " little bit of what you fancy does you good !" and yesterday I really did fancy something sweet !


  1. Me again...Five Boys was my fave!

    Incredibly, I was in East Ogwell on Monday!
    Pics are on my blog..I think there might even be a snap of your mum's cottage?? I snapped away like crazy!

  2. Pouring down with rain here and more birthday baking to do for party take two tomorrow. Think I may have a few marshmallows in the cupboard, choc and marshmallow rice crispy cakes........ or did I eat them!
    Counting the days til we see you
    much love

  3. Louise hope Party No.2 goes well!
    Sally I have emailed you-- how lovely to find you in Blogland!!!


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