Monday, 2 November 2009

Happy days and Holidays.

" On The Beach!"

The sun is shining and we are so enjoying spending time on the beach swimming and relaxing. Today the water was glorious, clear and blue. Good for swimming and snorkelling.Lots of fish and things to watch.

Sparkling sky and sea.

Off snorkelling

The most beautiful Sea Urchin shell found on the sea bed.

Time for home.

To watch the sun set on a beautiful day!


  1. Great photos, Linda - it's good to know that the sun is shining somewhere in Europe, even if it's not in my part of France!


  2. Yes Kathy, We have been so lucky that the weather has been beautiful for Brionys time with us. She loves the sea and beach so has loved it.
    Hope OH'S finger is much better- it sounds really painful. Hope the sun soon makes an appearance for you. So glad you are getting to see all the family on skype even though I know you would rather give her a big cuddle. Have a lovely day. Linda x


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