Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lovely family times!

"Beach Baby"
Well we so enjoyed our time with Briony. Life in the UK with everyone working is so hectic and of course anyone who is 22 has a serious social life to attend to. So, what a joy to spend seven days together when the only agenda was to have fun!
Here are some pictures of our time together.
We were so lucky her visit coincided with a visit from her first teacher. They had not seen each other for nearly 15 years and now they both look like wonderful young women

Meetings and wonderful memories from ages 22 to 88. Enjoying special times1

And of course knowing Briony like we know Briony there was the beach !

With Dad ! And his kite that is kept in the Sunshine Bus.

Making friends!

We ended our lovely week at a lovely restaurant up a mountain near us.

So a lovely week with someone very special and a lovely smile to remember.


  1. What lovely photos, Linda - the joy and love come beaming through. Briony is stunning; you must be very proud of her.


  2. Thanks Kathy we did have a lovely time. Hope all is well with you and the demolition work goes smoothly xxx

  3. big huge letters and shouting it from the rooftops!
    Sarah and Pat! Not forgetting you and Briony.
    Well this is amazing...I just happened to be about to comment on Nicky's blog (The Vintage Magpie..know her well as we have done the V&H Fair together)...and lo and behold there is someone mentioning Decoy School.
    Being a nosey ***, I clicked on the name 'Linda'...I knew that it must have been you!
    I see you have got the blogging 'bug'!
    My planned roast meal is going to be a tad late now that I have spent half the afternoon reading your blog!
    Hope you are having fun! We are all fine.
    Take care ;-)


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