Saturday, 21 November 2009

A flock of Birds came visiting the Courtyard!

I am beginning to think that a new disease should be reported to the World Health Organisation. It is called Blog Hopping. I seem to have caught it badly and the symptoms are obvious! One of the good side effects is that your creativity is given a serious boost. I think Lucy in Attic24 is inspirational and if you have not visited her yet pop in .
You will love it but beware, from here to is easy to catch the Blog Hopping Disease!!
Well I saw these delightful birds there and have loved making them.

A lovely flock but I managed to get some close ups before they flew away!

Crocheted with the beautiful Noro felted wool.

 A trio of twitterings!

Another gorgeous Noro Bird .

One of my favourites!

A little one with a Tropical feel !

What a perfect place to perch!

One of the little birds flew a bit further down the street and decided to roost just outside our friends door. She did not notice it straight away but when she did she declared it to be the best thing I have ever made for her so thanks Lucy, a lot of joy has flown around here lately!


  1. Lovely!

    Are they flying home for the winter.

  2. Maybe next year, I have to work a year in advance with us coming back so early, But it means a lot less stress. I am going to walk around the village with my camera next week to show everyone what Christmas pressure is like here !!!!

  3. Your birdies are absolutely gorgeous all the colours you've used.......just having a little catch-up with you, I hadn't realised you'd de-camped to sunny spain, lucky thing you!! Do you have a property there or do you stay in the Sunshine bus??
    btw, your latest ripple blankie is lovely...happy hooking to you my sweet

  4. How lovely to see you popping in here.We love to Winter here, with a trip home at Christmas. I am extra lucky as we have converted the garage into a Craft Room for me !!!


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