Monday, 23 November 2009

Adventures in Andalucia .The Tale of Three villages!!

"The bear went Over the mountain!"

The other day I was browsing or "Blog Hopping" and I happened upon the Vintage Magpie
Have a look, her furry friends are delightful. I knew from a friend that her children go the school where I used to teach. So I left her a comment and, lo, and behold one of my old friends and work colleague from those times contacted me via email.
The story gets even more intertwined when she told me of her latest post on her blog. She actually based it on the tiny village where we live in the U.K. I have lived there for nearly 25 years and a wonderful lady in the Village puts on a Christmas Fair every year.
So there, for me to see, so far away from my home in the UK  are things so familiar and precious to me , even my late mothers cottage!
You can see her blog about East Ogwell here

I spent a lot of time thinking about bringing up my three children there. A wonderful place for children to thrive. I thought about my marriage in the village church. The children were christened there and we look at the same church every morning when we wake in Ogwell. My Mother and dear Stepfather loved the village and my Mother-In - Law still lives in a beautiful converted barn in the village.
So thinking of villages we went to one of our favourite ones here in Spain yesterday. We always say we are going up the mountain bacause it is high in the Sierra de Los Filabres. We drive up one pretty route then reach the fertile plain where the village is situated and then drive home down the other side of the mountain. It always makes me think of the Song " The Bear Goes over the Mountain!!"

I love our days out in the Sunshine Bus and yesterday the sun was shining and everywhere looked particularly beautiful.

We did not know that Spain is the 2nd most mountainous country in Europe but it is easy to see why when you travel a little way inland. Photos of the sheer space and vastness do not do its beauty justice!

From high on the mountains you can look down all the way to the sea!

Almond trees growing, so important to the local economy.

At the entrance to the village there is the well. This would have been used not only for the collection of water but also for washing clothes on the stone slabs undeneath the arches.

The oranges are really beginning to ripen and taste absolutely delicious. As you drive past the orange groves the bright orange fruits look like jewels amongst the dark leaves.

This restaurant recently won an award for the best Tapas in Andalucia but we wanted to sit in the glorious November Sunshine so headed on through the village to the square.

All is quiet on one side as the Shops,banks and offices are closed, but on the other side just what we were looking for.

So leaving Andy to get some liquid refreshment I set off exploring up the back streets.

And there were lovely things to see. The Church.It is dedicated to the Virgen del Rosario and was built in the 19th Century.

Lubrin has a market every week and a variety of shops.On the 20th of January each year it has The Fiesta del Pan or the Festival of Bread. I would love to go on our return after Christmas. However on a Sunday it was lust lovely to wander

Wonderful old vintage signs. None of the branding that Royal Mail has undergone!

Road or Street of the ovens!!

One of the old houses in the village.

Views over the rooftops.

And some pretty windows and doors

Then a last look up to the clock on the hill and back to the square for the best Tapas we have had in Spain-- and we have sampled a few little plates!

Here is the selection we tried yesterday.

We are lucky enough to have some friends who live very close to Lubrin so we spent a happy couple of hours catching up with cake and a cuppa and of course a little look around there beautiful Cortijo.

And then it was goodbye to Lubrin.

And down the other side of the mountain to see what we could see!

There are still some lovely developement projects here but not for us we are too busy exploring!

So with wonderful memories of East Ogwell still in my mind it is lovely to go villages near our Spanish Home!


  1. Stunning photos again, Linda, as ever! Interesting to hear that Spain is the most mountainous country in Europe, too. Have you been to Rhonda in the Costa Del Sol? It's absolutely stunning - a typical Spanish town right on the top of a mountain; we fell in love with it and have to drive up the long windy road there every time we are in Spain.


  2. Thanks Kathy. Yes we have been to Rhonda and loved it. Did you know the day the man finished the bridge he looked over it to see the finished bridge. His hat flew off and he reached to grab it and fell over the parapet and died!!!

  3. Hi Linda, thanks once again for your beautiful photos! I so envy you being in Spain at this time of year, one of my best visits was in November we were lucky with lovely sunshine and calm days with mild evenings. Everything so much quieter than in Summer, soooo relaxing! My place is on the Costa Blanca on the edge of a huge development, not a nice little village, but I can see the see from my back garden so its still good.

    Pam xx

  4. Thank you so much for commenting Pam and glad you enjoyed the photos. It has certainly been a beautiful Autumn this year.I am glad you love Spain too and how lovely to be able to see the sea.


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