Friday, 2 October 2009

Trauma Toys


Loving Hands one of the Charity Groups I knit for have 3 or 4 challenges a year. Last year one of the challenges was to provide small toys that Ambulance,Fire and Police Crews could keep in their cabs. If they attended an incident where children were involved a toy could be given to help alleviate some of the stress. The toys can be passed through small gaps in windows when children have to be cut out of cars or rescued .  

Having always had a very limited attention span and a bit of a butterfly mind this challenge appealed
to me and here are some of the toys I sent off to Loving Hands.

My childhood was spent with so many animals and Dad used to breed rabbits in a shed in the garden. I  had a Dutch Rabbit called "Hoppity" so I have always been very fond of rabbits and never eat them even though many do especially in Spain!
I remember the excitement at Easter when we got the little Lindt chocolate rabbits.

Lots of different toys.

The first appearance of the hedgehogs!!.

Locally we have a delightful Hedgehog Hospital and the owner has supported me so much by selling the hedgehogs and Hedgerow Folk I have knitted this Summer. All this has helped me with the very large postal costs involved in sending all the contributions both from here and the knitting group in Spain. So the good does keep going around !

Here is a link to the hedgehog pattern. They are lovely to knit,easy and quick.

I just love these Hedgerow Folk  and they are great fun to knit. Charlotte knitted some gorgeous ones and they made a special appearance at her wedding as presents for the tiny guests.

Not so sure about the sad one !


  1. What a great idea

  2. oh those knitted hedgehogs are adorable xxxxx where did you get the pattern? or are there any for sale?

  3. Hi Here is a link to the hedgehogs. They are lovely and really quick to knit. Enjoy and thanks for leaving a comment


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