Thursday, 1 October 2009

Teddies for Tragedy

" The Teddy Bears Picnic "

I find it so easy to remember working full time and having three lively,lovely children and often hearing about various Charities who help so many good causes but I never managed to find time to help by making items they needed. Since retiring I have found a way of contributing in a small way because I have more time. I love driving on my own but also make a very good passenger as the miles pass on our travels in the Sunshine Bus.
The internet has become the most wonderful source of ideas .

This was my first attempt at a "Teddy for Tragedy,." he certainly deserved better leg lines!!

Have a look at this website to see more information about these teddies.

The gang grew and I love embroidering the faces as they seem to adapt a character as you sew.

Then all of a sudden a local knitting Group in  Mojacar heard about my knitting and took the cause to their hearts. When we came back in April this year nearly 100 teddies came home with us and were soon packed up and sent to a wonderful charity which helps so many worthy causes.
My many years spent with tiny children always shows through at times like this and of course the opportunity of a photo shoot of the Ultimate Teddy Bears Picnic was too good to miss. Much to our lovely neighbours amusement.


  1. Hi Linda just found your blog over on Attic 24 so just saying.. Hello.. and pop round to mine when you have a minute or two Kieren x

  2. Kieran - Thanks so much for popping in. I certainly will pop into yours. I am very new to this so it is very encouraging to see people having a look. Will you add me to your blog list and then the good will keep going around?


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