Sunday, 25 October 2009

A sunshining Day in Andalucia !

"Ridin along on a

Pushbike Honey!"

In 1972 my Mum arrived in Weymouth with a bicycle for me to ride to College as I was in digs a long up the Dorchester Road. I loved that bike and it served me well. So did a certain Welsh Rugby player who used to take it at every opportunity and one late night after a typical Rugby session my poor bike ended up in the bottom of the harbour in Weymouth. I have never either forgotten or forgiven that man !!

Over the years fashions have changed and I have tried various other types of bikes and always hated every one. But this summer after doing 2 days supply I treated myself to another "sit up and beg" Dutch type bike and the love affair can begin all over again!
Best of all at the beach near us in Spain there is a lovely long flat paseo where I can ride it and enjoy the sunshine and the days.
So here it is -- it even has a proper bell and only 3 gears which even I should be able to manage!

A gorgeous October day in the Sunshine. We miss all our friends and family when we are in Spain for the winter but these beautiful days have such a wonderful impact we hold on tightly to the fact that we have the best of all worlds.

And we did swim!
 The second time this week.
 The rains a few weeks back have certainly cooled the water temperatures down and we are wimps but as always it was lovely once you were in !! Positively tropical compared to Cornwall !!

The beaches here are gloriously empty especially after the Summer Season has ended!

A view from the paseo.

Just us and the blue sky.


  1. Love your bike, it looks so relaxed as if it would take no effort at all. Harlyn was lovely at the weekend but not as blue as spain. Very sad to leave the van ready for its winter hibernation :( Roll on the end of March.
    Love as always

  2. Hi Linda

    Lovely photos and what a wonderful beach, complete with sunshine but no tourists - bliss!

    I love your bike - it's one of the things on my current wish list!


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