Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Palms, Prickles and Pomegranates !!!

" A sunshining Day!!"

Every Tuesday morning we go to a very dear friends house near our home in Spain and we arrive in time for coffee and then actually do some work for a few hours!
Today it was the turn of the magnificent palms which thrive hereabouts and grow incredibly high. They need a very severe pruning to keep this growth in check and make it safe to move around the garden.

Over the last 3 years our respect for these palms has grown and grown. Near the trunk of the tree they have vicious thorns which pierce your skin if they just brush against you. So armed with very long ,very thick gloves the job begins with a sharp saw and some determination.

The fruits look beautiful and weigh so much!!

A close up of the thorns. It becomes a game to see if you can manage to avoid being speared. We have never won yet!!

The end result makes it all worth while. The garden looks lighter, brighter and you can see the mountains again.

After struggling with the palms a much sweeter occupation. Ever since we have been children we have loved Pomegranates. I remember they seemed so exotic as a child and armed with a pin many a happy Autumn evening was spent getting the juicy pips out of the skins. Now they are used everywhere and chefs use them in so many ways. When we return to Spain we have so far missed another great favourite of mine the fig but the pomegranates are so beautiful and hang off the trees like Christmas Decorations!

The birds love them but there are some left often especially wrapped in paper bags for us on our return. They are enormous ,juicy and bring back such happy memories !

I must just say our work is rewarded by the most delicious lunch prepared by the most special chef in the whole of Andalucia! Thelma who at 88 is one of the most remarkable women I have ever met !


  1. Glad you had good day
    next Tuesday give my love to Pat

  2. Hi Louise. Pat is actually away with Stella at the moment but we pick her up at the airport with Sarah Felber a work coleague from long ago at Decoy. Hope all well xxx

  3. Thelma is an inspiration! Susu xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing you both on Thursday.

  5. I love pomegranates! Those look delicious. Sounds like you really worked hard for your supper.

    You're right - I am much happier in Blogland but still need to find out a bit more! I will definitely be calling on your expertise soon!


  6. Found you through Attic24. I have loads of odd yarn and had thought about knitted teddies. I have a pattern for a pocket sized one but would love a pattern for the one on your header. Do you have one and would you share? I live about 15 miles inland from Lyme Regis and just loved your lovely photos.

  7. Hi Pantha and so pleased to get your message. Delighted to share the pattern. . It was for a charity and I loved knitting the teddies.

    Hope you manage to make some. In the Uk we live 2 miles from Newton Abbot but love Lyme regis. Where abouts exactly are you?

  8. Hi Linda,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog today. I took the opportunity of popping over to you. I love your teddies absolutely beautiful! Teddy Bear picnic great. They are so pretty. Well done! I've been reading your blog and I have really enjoyed it so I'll be popping back again. How did you find me? Just interested.
    Bye for now, Hugs Sue.
    Your're welcome to pop in again!

  9. Hi -- How nice to pop in and find your lovely comment. I have added you to me blog list so will call again. I am glad you love all my crafty bits and pieces. Just starting a second ripply blanket then I am going to try some of your beautiful birds which are ,I think also making an appearance in Attic 24 and all Lucys lovely work.

  10. Sorry forgot to say your wonderful blog was mentioned on the Knitting thread on Martins Money tips forum

  11. Hi Linda- I'm glad you used to eat your pomegranates with pins- so did we- it wouldn't be allowed now! Keep up the good work lots of love Jane


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