Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Long Journey to Spain !


 Looking back at Plymouth from the ferry as we start 
  our journey to Santander.


  A very grey day as we leave the UK.

Underway with the miles already passing.

Lovely images from the stern of the ferry.

Happy Snapping
This blog means  the camera 
is at the ready !

The Pilot Boat coming out to meet us from Santander,

Glimpses of Santander . The grey skies and rain had travelled with us !

Beautiful beaches in Santander. A surf school nearby!

We have never really got the knack of travelling light ! And its not all wool or Card Crafting things!

The Sunshine Bus ready to go !

The antidote to boredom on a 36 hour journey. "Rippling"and "hooking." It was not a good idea to be travelling on a National Holiday in Spain !! Every man and his dog were visiting Madrid. The Sunshine Bus did not like being in a queue,on a hill for nearly three hours !!


  1. Wonderful photos, Linda! I love the Sunshine Bus - what a perfect name for it! Your packing looks very much like ours! Glad you arrived safely. Loking forward to more lovely photos of your life in Spain!


  2. Thank you so much Kathy. Have had a quick peep at yor blog on Blogger and you are doing so well. Will keep in touch if I can help at all

  3. Love the ripple you can teach me in December
    missing you
    much love
    I,m still smiling
    louise xxx

  4. Having a blog does make you carry a camera and be more aware of your surroundings. Always looking for that different view or angle! Love the Sunshine bus. I fund raise for the Sunshine School. Doesn't the word sunshine make you smile!! Have a great time.

  5. I agree about the camera it goes everywhere with me these days. Where is the Sunshine School? Good Luck with your Fund Raising


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