Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A little bit of Maths and a lot of "hooking!!"

Since renewing my love affair with Granny Squares I have wanted to create a lapacuddlyghan with a mathematical slant ---- very unlike me !!

So lets look at the process and see if we like the result.---- I started with the idea of a repeating patterns  in 
sets of nine. Choosing three colours and then repeating the colourways we could eventually create a blanket which looks seriously huggable but based on a simple design

Here is one of those sets of nine placed very carefully because the pattern has to be repeated.

So. here we have all the repeated sets of nine ready to be stitched to make a rectangular lapacuddlyghan instead of the usual square variety.Now we need to add two rounds of beige to each set of nine and then add some pale blue for good measure.

Nearly there !!

Ok the  latest version of a lapacuddlygahn !!


  1. Your blanket is beautiful!! I truly love it!

  2. WOW! That is seriously cool! I love your afghan!

  3. Thanks so much. I am really loving trying out different patterns and get up in the mornings looking forward to starting again.


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