Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Lapacuddlyghans for Autumn Days

"Forever Autumn! "
Walking near us it is so easy to see that Autumn is upon us and winter is on its way. We love to walk and Buster loves the river. 
This walk from the village to town was the focus of Dame Edna Everidges' bridesmaid Madge. She used to do the walk in her mind to keep her from laughing.
( I read this years ago and I hope its true !! )

Over the years we have played "Pooh Sticks " on this bridge with our children and only last week we so enjoyed taking some little ones down to the river and playing all over again.

Being brought up in a very draughty Victorian house with many holes in the roof and buckets on the landing has always made me appreciate cuddly things. Memories of a bathroom with a paraffin heater with P.J's warming on the top and the mad dash to the bedroom where a stone hot water bottle was waiting in bed is still so clear and dear to me. 
My Grandma was always knitting or crocheting, usually with wool unpicked from old jumpers and we all had a blanket to cuddle.
My children had wonderful crochet and knitted clothes as babies--- maybe some reading this will remember the very talented Auntie Kathleen.
The shawls have been cuddled to death over the years and this Autumn I have so enjoyed revisiting these lovely memmories and making some new blankets

To begin with I thought I would love to think about the wonderful colours Lucy loves in Attic24
and then I started and my memories of my Grandma came flooding back and I have so enjoyed thinking about her as I have made them.
As always I love to arrange things. The big teddy used to come supply teaching with me and the two vintage ones are well over fifty years old

These Lapghans measure  48" across. The middle has 25 Granny Squares and the border has 8 rows of treble crochet, the border is 2 rows of Double Crochet

So many choices of colour combinations make beautiful,cosy blankets.

4 Completed blankets.

I love this idea, borrowed from other lovely blogs but it so clearly shows the lovely colour combinations in the blankets.

A few more lovely Autumn Images.

The most delicious Damsons and Apples from the Churchyard all tucked into a Crumble with Custard.


  1. love the blanket...grannies are just gorgeous:-)
    Take care,

  2. Thanks Alison-- I love making them

  3. I've got to admit it I'm pretty addicted as well:-)


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