Saturday, 31 October 2009

Hearts and Roses.

"The Shape of My Heart!"

I am so enjoying creating this Blog. It is so easy to remember a Brand New Diary arriving at Christmas and always having every intention of keeping it full every day of the coming year. As a teenager the pages became filled with angst and cryptic words that only you and your best friend could decipher.Then as the days passed other things became more important the remaining pages became blank and another year passed.

My dear Uncle Stephen who would now be 100 religiously kept a diary when he lived with my Mum in Ogwell and I still have them. Tiny entries squashed between lines recording the minutae of days, weeks and months.

I often think life is like a pendulum that gently swings regardless of what you are actually doing and although it is so important to make the most of every minute it is also important to make travelling companions of your memories and also your dreams and aspirations.

Yesterday here in Spain we were waiting for our youngest daughter to arrive. A lovely feeling of anticipation and the joy of being able to spend real quality time together.Of course the love of families makes it so easy to reflect on the years when you waited with excitement for the arrival of their birth and now a fully grown young woman is visiting.-- Where did those years go, but how exciting to think about the ones coming.

So reflecting yesterday about the people we love made me think of love,hearts and flowers and I was amazed how many images I have captured with the camera without realising it


  1. beaturiful pictures Linda and lots of your lovely hard work too!
    Roamin in the Gloamin

  2. Thanks so much . It has been a lovely time with lots of happy experiences but also full of happy memories

  3. Love, love, love all of these hearts please post the pattern for the knitted ones. As big girl quite fancies heart bunting in her room when we get round to giving it a lick of paint.


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