Sunday, 13 September 2009


" Memories "
Starting this blog and clearing lofts has made me think life is like a pendulum . Sometimes you swing back and sometimes forward. I have decided it doesn't actually matter about all that as long as you are enjoying the moment you are living!

Memories of our wedding in August 1976. A summer of blazing sunshine and no rain! We honeymooned as you did in a small Guest House called a hotel in Fistral Bay near Newquay. Because we had booked late our room was next to the Chambermaids early morning tea preparation area so we were woken by clattering teacups just after seven!

This brings back memories I would rather forget!! I, the long awaited daughter was sent to the Cynthia Vittles school of Newton Abbot. Cynthia must have been a true judge of potential because although I was the smallest there, I was always in the back row. However this did not stop my Mum sending out the Christmas cards in that particular year with this photo attached!!

Derek, Norman and I.

My mother, her brothers Stan and Ken and my maternal grandparents.
This was the Grandma who lived with us and started the love of all things "crafty!"

My Dad , his brother, Henry and his two sisters Joan and Rae and my Paternal Grandparents.

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