Thursday, 10 September 2009

Its hard to know where to start but a song has been going through my head. Hot Chocolate's "It started with a kiss and most things do so lets jump in!

Adventures with Applique

As a child I loved keeping a diary. I used to live in a very leaky old Victorian house on the top of a big hill. We kept chickens, turkeys, rabbits, dogs, cats, a cow, a pig and other various furry creatures. I remember spending my days roaming around with my brothers and living very much in an Enid Blyton type world with dens and cooking eggs on smoky fires.I kept my diary in a metal box under a loose floorboard in my bedroom. It was very private but I don't remember what I wrote about. This blog is very public and I hope you like it.

It is hard to start but I love going to the Devon Guild of Craftsmen at Bovey Tracey I recently went there and was inspired by the applique work of Madeleine Millington

She works with vintage woollen blankets and I bought a bag of bits and became totally engrossed in memories of those Witney wool blankets of my childhood. Scratchy and heavy but essential for a cosy night. Stripey in blues, greens, pink and orange. So with little things in mind and my love of card making these applique cards were my first attempt.

Well this has taken me all evening to publish 1 post so I will have to get better aquainted with all things Bloglike !


  1. Love it Linda! What a great start. The applique cards are beautiful and v cool! The Guild is great isn't it? Very inspiring and yummy food too, I've been toying with the idea of a food blog and think I might take the plunge! Em xx

    PS. I would probably decribe you as quirky (in the very best way) too! X

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  3. Hi Linda, just to say its great to see the teddy bears picnic on display.

    Your applique work is brilliant - so impressed.

    I love the sunset piccy, I have a couple of moonrise snaps I took at my place on the costa blanca last year, must find them out.

    Well done!

  4. I'm very impressed Linda. I wish I was as inspired as you are. I have to say though that I have never really thought of you as quirky just very creative. Cards,woollies, teddies, boobs(!)applique. What will it be next??!! Pam xx

  5. Hi Linda - this is a fantastic blog - I feel as if I know you even better now!


  6. Thanks so much to you all .I have at times found it hard to get going -- " Andy" but now am finding it so much fun !!


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