Monday, 14 September 2009

Grannys Back !!

"Berekeley Square," "Washington square." or just a Granny Square.

At times like this I realise I have changed very little over the many years. I have always wanted to get on with things and although I have patience with people I was the one who knew what every present was under the Christmas tree because I had spent every available quiet moment feeling them. I find it hard not to search hiding places where I know Birthday presents could be hidden etc ,etc.

So although this was supposed to be a winter project in Spain I only had to see the balls of wool looking at me and I thought " I wonder what those colours will look together" Actually that is like being in the supermarket and thinking everybody else has a trolley full of more interesting things than yours - Or a restaurant where everybody else has chosen a tastier meal than yours. So now I look at the squares and think " Maybe the colours would be better in a different order."

Anyway the fracture clinic was made more bearable by crocheting this morning !!


  1. Why were you in the Fracture Clinic

  2. A girl stood on Brionys big toe and broke it !


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