Sunday, 13 September 2009

A September Morning

"Autumn Leaves"

Images from the garden early one morning.

This week it has been a pleasure to wake up -- and I am not a morning kind of person !

When I was young I used to hate the onset of Autumn as I loved the long sunshine filled days of Summer. The days before worries about lying in the sun all day covered in Coconut Oil and thinking Brown was beautiful.

The days when Woolworths had the "Get Ready for School "sign in the window on the last few days of the holiday not in July before the Summer term had finished!

Now I am getting a bit more personally Autumny I love it. No more school terms! Making Chutney and just taking the time to watch everything change.

Starting to collect the hoard of lovely things for Winter Projects and also of late looking forward to our return to Spain and our life there.

This week I went out into the garden and just snapped away !

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