Sunday, 27 September 2009

Sun and Sea in Cornwall

" Catch a Wave!"

Harlyn at its very best. We stayed nearby saw the "Hedge Huggers" walked the clifftops, wandered on the beach and just enjoyed the beauty of Cornwall.

To manage to post this collage has taken he patience of 2 saints and in the end a very "Best Man " came to the rescue !! Love and thanks as ever.
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Dear Mother In Laws Birthday trip!

"Harbour Lights"

Padstow on a beautiful September morning. The perfect place for a 79th Birthday celebration in the sunshine.
Looking out towards Rock after all the summer celebrations have finished.                   

A view back towards the Harbour

The calmest of seas

I love the traditions in England and having always lived by the sea the RNLI is a favourite charity of ours. 
Sitting on the bench just enjoying the views!

The last splash of summer colour.


Everyones favourite.

Monday, 21 September 2009

A Lovely weekend by the sea!

"Celebrate Good Times !"

Where did those years go !

Buster enjoying the beach at Northam Burrows.

Images on the beach.
Gorgeous blue skies and kites.

A beautiful September Day visiting Lyme Regis part of Dorsets World Heritage

A lovely place to catch up with "old" friends on our way to North Devon.
The crowds have gone and the best is left!

A house with a perfect view .

Boats waiting for the incoming tide.

Last moments of summer sunshine.

Lyme Regis looking so peaceful after the crowds have gone.

Cheery images on the front of sunny days,holidays and time to relax.

Colours that reminded me of Edinburgh Rock.

Ammonites and lamp posts against a beautiful blue sky

The Clock Tower.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

" Puppy Love !"

Buster arrives at eight weeks!

Well Buster arrived in our lives like a shaking jelly. A few weeks on and he is completely transformed -- confident, cheeky, adorable, naughty and great fun.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Grannys Back !!

"Berekeley Square," "Washington square." or just a Granny Square.

At times like this I realise I have changed very little over the many years. I have always wanted to get on with things and although I have patience with people I was the one who knew what every present was under the Christmas tree because I had spent every available quiet moment feeling them. I find it hard not to search hiding places where I know Birthday presents could be hidden etc ,etc.

So although this was supposed to be a winter project in Spain I only had to see the balls of wool looking at me and I thought " I wonder what those colours will look together" Actually that is like being in the supermarket and thinking everybody else has a trolley full of more interesting things than yours - Or a restaurant where everybody else has chosen a tastier meal than yours. So now I look at the squares and think " Maybe the colours would be better in a different order."

Anyway the fracture clinic was made more bearable by crocheting this morning !!

The Beginning of the Applique journey!

" Blanket on the Ground "

So far so good with the dyeing. At this point it is quite a challenge to get the right colours for projects . All the colour mixing you learnt in school comes to mind! The fact that the blankets themselves are cream in their natural state definitely defines the end results but heres a pile .

Sunday, 13 September 2009


" Memories "
Starting this blog and clearing lofts has made me think life is like a pendulum . Sometimes you swing back and sometimes forward. I have decided it doesn't actually matter about all that as long as you are enjoying the moment you are living!

Memories of our wedding in August 1976. A summer of blazing sunshine and no rain! We honeymooned as you did in a small Guest House called a hotel in Fistral Bay near Newquay. Because we had booked late our room was next to the Chambermaids early morning tea preparation area so we were woken by clattering teacups just after seven!

This brings back memories I would rather forget!! I, the long awaited daughter was sent to the Cynthia Vittles school of Newton Abbot. Cynthia must have been a true judge of potential because although I was the smallest there, I was always in the back row. However this did not stop my Mum sending out the Christmas cards in that particular year with this photo attached!!

Derek, Norman and I.

My mother, her brothers Stan and Ken and my maternal grandparents.
This was the Grandma who lived with us and started the love of all things "crafty!"

My Dad , his brother, Henry and his two sisters Joan and Rae and my Paternal Grandparents.

A September Morning

"Autumn Leaves"

Images from the garden early one morning.

This week it has been a pleasure to wake up -- and I am not a morning kind of person !

When I was young I used to hate the onset of Autumn as I loved the long sunshine filled days of Summer. The days before worries about lying in the sun all day covered in Coconut Oil and thinking Brown was beautiful.

The days when Woolworths had the "Get Ready for School "sign in the window on the last few days of the holiday not in July before the Summer term had finished!

Now I am getting a bit more personally Autumny I love it. No more school terms! Making Chutney and just taking the time to watch everything change.

Starting to collect the hoard of lovely things for Winter Projects and also of late looking forward to our return to Spain and our life there.

This week I went out into the garden and just snapped away !

Saturday, 12 September 2009

The wool Shop.

"In Rainbows"

Newton Abbot has a lovely Indoor Market and it used to have a wool stall that was there for as long as I can remember. It was a rare treat for my Dad to take me to the market with him on a Saturday morning and I vividly remember him buying me a bag of the most delicious cherries.
The wool stall has moved with the times and is now in a shop in the High Street. I find it really hard to walk by. The wools are lovely, the woman so interested in everything you do and the people who go in are so full of ideas.

I love taking wool back to Spain- I love buying wool in Spain but the Double Knit isn't the same and there is plenty of room in the Sunshine Bus . I love it all stacked on the shelves in the Craft Room.

So today I went armed with a swatch and rummaged !!

The basket, for those who might remember used to carry lunches for Annie Knott who lived 'til she was 100. Shame her memory was so bad she forgot the lovely party laid on by the village an hour after it finished.

"Put a little love in your heart."

The fun with applique is still going on.

As is the search for Vintage woollen blankets but I did strike lucky today in the Devon Air Ambulance Charity shop.

Here we have a needle case which might help me stop prodding them in the arm of the chair.

The little bits and bobs are for the larger projects which are just at the planning stage.

My first attempt at sewing the applique pictures onto a canvas so that they become a picture. This one is for a special Nursery and a very special little one.

This heart I love. Really effective and a thought I will revisit with red material and Christmas in mind. Also so lovely to have in Spain when I need to send a hug back home .