Monday, 29 February 2016

Loving this "v" stitch blanket.

I have just finished this "V" stitch blanket and I am totally happy with it. That is not always so. I am forgiving of my mistakes. I don't sweat over crochet. I love it's forgiving crafty nature. But I hate wonky sides. Those sides that have either suddenly gained stitches or lost some.

In my world it makes me cross with my lack of counting,slapdash approach, multi tasking etc,etc,etc.

But this one is ready for a lovely couple who don't want to know if they are going to welcome a little boy or girl into the world. They are a thoroughly " Modern Millie " kind of couple and I think the soft colour palette will be loved.

If you fancy making a blanket that grows quickly,is gently repetitive and simply a pleasure to crochet have a look at this lovely blog.

I don't add a chain between the clusters and I love it. Stylecraft yarns and size 4.00 mm hook. Happy days !!!


Monday, 15 February 2016


I have loved knitting this little cardigan... Or it could be a dress if you turn it around.

It's knitted all in one so no sewing up. How wonderful is that. The pattern is easy to follow, works out every time and Is just SUPER!


Oh! And be warned they are a little addictive.

How I love using the random yarn and adding a hat.

Now if you love patterns like this have a look at this wonderful ladies blog.
She designs and gives these patterns for knitters totally free.
That is even more SUPER!
And lastly when she sees a picture of something you have loved making she leaves wonderfully supportive, kind comments.
Not just SUPER! But amazing generosity of spirit and it's been pleasure to have got to know Marianna and I hope she knows how much I appreciate her.


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How can you fix a price?

We have a wonderful Charity Shop here in Spain. The whole organisation does amazing work helping people suffering from Cancer. I love popping in but it's so hard to see brand new beautiful items being priced so cheaply.

This morning I willingly paid a little extra than the 2 Euros being asked for this gorgeous hand knitted set.


I haven't got a baby due to be dressed in such a gorgeous set. I bought it to add to the parcel of charity items on its way to help babies in the world. I know every single penny or cent counts. I know every little helps but somehow I was saddened to see that someone had spent so much time, yarn and buttons for so very little.

What do you think?


Saturday, 6 February 2016

My latest!

I have been busy making a selection of items to try and help Dementia patients. A local crafting group are interested in helping! Wouldn't that be wonderful?

The teddies on my header bar was the result of such help a few years ago.I still love that picture so much. A testament to what can be achieved when people join together for a common goal. A wave of generosity and kindness. It warms my heart.

So, I delivered these samples to try and inspire these lovely people.

I hope it works!

Thursday, 14 January 2016


Last Autumn the knitting charity group I belong to decided to have a collaborative challenge. It was for the group to make as many hats as possible and to try and donate them locally to save on postage costs.

We were absolutely amazed, delighted and thrilled to have a final total of 2,471 items. How brilliant is that?

I am having one problem .... I can't stop knitting hats! Addictive, easy, versatile and necessary. From soft premature baby size to cosy ones big enough for Seaman. Now I know the patterns off by heart they just keep pooping off the needles.


Sometimes when your Mojo has gone AWOL or you need something which you can do on a dreary afternoon whilst watching a film. Knitting a hat totally fits the clicketty bill.

In case you want to make some here are some of the patterns I use.

The Seamans Mission are always in need of the large hats and there is free postage to them which helps with keeping all your pennies for more yarn.

You can find out about this wonderful organisation here..



For baby hats look no further than all the wonderful patterns here....

Or if you are a member of Ravelry here....

I can not recommend Mariannas patterns highly enough. They are easy to follow, delightful to know and charming to behold.

And if sadness crosses your path and someone you know needs Chemotherapy how wonderful to be able to knit a hat to show how much you care. This pattern is freely given by Marianna .


So, it's heads for me. Perhaps you know of a homeless person struggling? Perhaps you know of a premature baby? Perhaps you know of an elderly person worrying about heating bills? A hat would fit the bill.


Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Colour around my morning.

Waking up to these wonderful colours brightens my day.

Gifts given without being asked. And as I get older I have come to realise it is the little things which are,in reality the big things.

Quietly such moments wait, wait for nothing else but appreciation. And this morning I did just that... Appreciated the colours of my morning. So ......






Mucho xx I hope you are enjoying something little yet special in your morning .


Tuesday, 12 January 2016

An interesting journey ..

Another read in 2016.

A friend gave me this book. There are paragraphs I wanted to photocopy and read again and again. The writing is beautiful and thought provoking.

The story line however is a little odd. It somewhat belies the written word.

I think I would give it an Amber light in my traffic light system.... Amber going to green as even as I write this I can remember that wonderful writing style.

Have you read it? What do you think? Have I inspired you to read it?

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Head in the clouds!

Every day is definitely a school day! It is strange when you reach 60+ years and suddenly you hear a word you have never encountered before ...... The answer for me is to Google,Google,Google. Modern Technology is wonderful.

Here in Spain we witness beautiful sunrises,sunsets and cloud formations. We run outside and gasp at the sheer majesty of nature . It is resplendent in shade,colour and form.

Here are a few pictures which,even though beautiful still fail to encapsulate the sheer beauty being offered to you entirely for free!

I love fiddling with photos, filtering them, editing bits and popping them online. But these are unfiltered,unaltered and just as they were given. A gift indeed!


And that word .... Lenticular clouds!
    Lenticular clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) are stationary lens-shaped clouds that form in the troposphere, normally in perpendicular alignment to the wind direction.
    They take my breath away.



Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Happy New Year read. Green light for this one!

Happy New Year to one and all.

We had the most wonderful Christmas and New Year in San Diego. A very last minute invite from our youngest daughter to visit her there. It was amazing in every way. So amazing I am just going to tuck the images in my heart and keep them there for ever.

Whilst travelling I remembered that ages ago I talked on my blog about using a traffic light system about books and reading. I read the Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Unusual, quirky far fetched but I loved it. It was actually very thought provoking and showed a sensitivity to married life tucked into each line . Of course the fact the much if it was based in Devon and talked of places I know and love intimately made it even more special.


So this book..... gets my first green light for 2016. It will stay on my bookshelf until someone wants to borrow it.


Friday, 11 December 2015

A friend .. A snowflake!

My absence from blogging has not been deliberate but my days seem to have rolled along at a gentle pace. I have been practicing mindfulness. I have being practicing being less judgemental. I have been trying to improve my listening skills. Some days are more successful than others!!

Today I was sent this poem. I just loved it. I hope you do too!


Snowflakes. A poem sent by a special friend this week. I think it truly beautiful.


Lines of retrospect and hope


Friendship often comes like winter’s first snowflake.

We wait so long for it to fall, but

Ere it touches outstretched, eager hands,

It melts and goes.


You awake to icy, fresh November morn,

To fleecy snow arriving overnight.

By evening fall, its gone – lost.

Friendship often seems to come and then depart

Like these first precious snowflakes.

You yearn and hope for the snow to stay,

But all in vain because you know it won’t.


Until – one day there comes at last

One special snowflake that wants to stay.

And will not melt:

And that is the snowflake

That really is – a true friend.


I need to write some real handwritten letters to friends. Like I used to before Facebook. Before Messenger. Before What's App. Before texts.

I need to write and let them know how much their friendship means to me.

I am going to tomorrow. Not just a scribbled note inside a Christmas card but a letter . I love, love, love getting them.


Monday, 19 October 2015



Firstly, Thank you so much for such a lovely welcome back to Blogging. It was heart warming and encouraging. Life continues to be hectic here but I hope everything soon calms down, some balance is restored and I stop fretting in the deep, dark recesses of the middle of the night!

On the upside we have been awaiting the arrival of our nephew,his wife and their two little ones Oliver and Ava from America. Ben met Sarah,fell in love moved to America and now have 2 little children.Such a happy story. But of course we rarely see them.

Ava was born last February and she us such a happy, pretty little girl and growing so fast.

We haven't met her at all yet and not seen Oliver since he was six months old. So, no wonder we are looking forward to seeing them later today!

When Oliver was born I crocheted him a blanket . I wanted to make something different for Ava and asked her Mummy if she would like a Play Mat! A resounding "yes" came across the pond.

So, here we have it already for sweet little Ava!

All tucked up in a bag of pink!

Backed and cosy.
And six different activity areas for her to enjoy.
First of all a ladybird with a zip hiding the babies!


An apple tree with poppers spelling her name!

A sailing boat with Velcro parts and a jaunty flag.

A dinosaur marble maze and dinosaur buttons.
They have a dog called Maybury and he loves bones too!

And lastly a pretty flower garden with some colour matching fun.

I hope she loves it and it will become a little reminder of her family so far away in the UK.

Have you ever made a play mat or quiet book?

Look no further than Pinterest if you need ideas. It will keep you busy for hours and the hard bit is knowing which ones to choose.

P.S.... Ava loved it!