Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Milk Bottles.

I can vividly remember having a little glass bottle of milk at ' Playtime ' in Infant School. I was madly in love with a boy called Peter Haslett and I always tried to sit by him whilst we drunk it. I think he was more interested in football than me!

I was in the amazing ' Home Bargains' shop the other day. The one you enter needing nothing and come out with a bag full! I love their cake boxes,their preserve labels and doilies and the other day I fell in love with a box of 4 small milk bottles. They cost £1.99 I think. A snip! And talking of snips that I how I continued. Snip with the lace!

Snip with raffia and add a pretty button.
And snip in a Summer Garden!

I love sets of three best of all.
What a treat at the end of the table!
And one spare for the windowsill in the loo.
I love flowers there so much.
And a little playing around with the photo arrangements on Instagram and what a pretty collage.

Of course I should be doing housework or sorting or something but actually I am all ready. Two more sleeps until Sweet William comes here for their Summer holiday. And flowers are the best way to greet people I think .

Thank you as always to all my lovely followers who take the time to leave such lovely comments. I think I will be having a little Blogging break as I have a fest of cuddles and fun!



Saturday, 20 June 2015

The wonderful Moors and Christians Fiesta in Mojacar.

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in Spain.

In a little hilltop village about two miles from us called Mojacar Pueblo they celebrate the Moors and Christian Fiesta. A Festival that celebrates the expulsion of the Moors from the area. An amazing spectacle where there are re-enactments and mock battles . And a lot of VERY noisy blunderbusses! I simply love it! The costumes are amazing. My goodness the Spanish know how to party.

The Fiesta begins on the beach on Mojacar Playa and it just gives you a little flavour of the weekend's party atmosphere.

Handsome Moors.


And Christians at the ready. Not quite so handsome in my humble opinion!

The Moors and Christian soldiers gallop with lances aloft hoping to catch the tiny ring which unfurls a banner to impress the ladies watching from the stadium.


Lucky Is the valiant warrior who gets win the colours of a beautiful lady.


Tied on with pride!

But the main event is the parade that wends its way through the hilltop village on the Sunday evening.

It lasts for two and half hours,and is spellbinding.

Here are just a few pictures to give you a little flavour of such a special event.



The next few shots are my favourite photos, they encapsulate the joy of the participants.

Equalled by the joy of my sister in law who we took to share our little part of Spain and its traditions .

The horses were amazing .


And we will be back. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing the magnificent costumes and setting but we will never party all night like the Spanish manage. Not just for one night but for a whole weekend!


If ever you get the chance to visit Mojacar Pueblo in June when the Fiesta is in full swing you will love it!


























Friday, 29 May 2015

Angel Pockets.

The joy of holding a new baby is like no other. The sorrow of a dear baby dying in childbirth or before is beyond my words or comprehension.

These little crochet pockets are my way of showing I care. For the parents to be able to hold their baby swaddled in a little pocket may not help the pain but at least that little one has something made with love around it as they say their final goodbyes.


Little pockets to add to my parcel for our local hospital . My goodness they are sadder to make than these little jackets full of hope.

Tiny jackets for premature babies who now have every chance of growing and becoming happy children full of fun and laughter .

If you would like to make some have a look at this lovely blog where the patterns are available for free for charity work and good causes. It's a great place where people show what they are making for these tiny ones.



Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Lazy,hazy days of sunshine!

After that massive sigh of relief that my ENORMOUS blanket is finished. I just wanted to work on something tiny,something portable, something for somebody else. I do have some more Twiddle mats to finish but we have visitors for a few days so I can't have the sewing machine out.

So,this lovely website fitted the bill perfectly. Small,cute and perfect for a charity supporting Premature babies.


The patterns are so generously shared by Marianna. Even better they are easy to follow and give a wonderful end result. Pretty and totally perfect in my book.

Here are the two little tops I have made whilst sitting and chatting.


You knit them from the top down and they don't even need any sewing up or button bands.

I hope you give them a try.

Thank you for such wonderful congratulatory comments about my journey with my Elmer blanket. You enrich my days xxxx

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

My loudest ever " TAH DAH!" My Elmer blanket is finished!

When I held my babies in my arms I could not believe thet were mine,complete and perfect. Now,of course finishing a blanket, no matter how big can't be compared. But, I am smiling from ear to ear. I can't quite believe my BIG blanket journey is over.

I have just had a little backwards look through my blog. I think I started my journey with my Elmer blanket about five years ago. It has spent a long time rammed in a drawer. I have sighed over it, regretted its commencement and despaired that I would ever finish it. I have disliked it, thought to give it away, and generally been in total awe of people who make BIG blankets.

But,I have had a big blanket supporter or two. Andy has always loved it and has wanted it on our bed right from the beginning. And he is totally right. You can not walk into the bedroom and not be cheered up by the riot of colour that greets you. My eldest daughter has helped me so much with colours and words of encouragement.

And last week as I made my final stitch I could not believe I had finished it! I thought I would want to blog about it instantly but actually I wanted to see it,smooth it, get to know it, understand it.

It looks even to my eyes, amazing. It feels wonderful. My angst about " Madonna" type bumpy squares was unfounded. It lies like a colourful journey of experiences. When I had my babies I wanted just to look at them before I shared them and that's how it's been with this blanket. I am grinning as I type. It really was a big deal for me to get to this stage. To overcome my misgivings and fall in love.


So here we have it. My Elmer " Tah Dah!"

On our bed.


On the Lawn so that I could get an aerial view.



And rolled like the best,cuddliest sausage ever!


I have never bothered with stats before but as I draw the Elmer story to a close I did wonder about a few things!

  1. There are 810 squares. That's 1620 ends to sew in.
  2. Each square has 120 stitches. So not including the border that is over 97,000 stitches.
  3. Each square took me about five minutes to make so not counting the joining,border or sewing in those ends that took me over 67 hours,
  4. It measures 8'6" x 7'6". Or 260 x 230 cms.

It weighs three and a half kilograms. So that is 35 x 100 gram balls of Stylecraft yarn.


Sadly since I started it Stylecraft has gone from £1.00 to £1.85 in my local wool shop but it certainly fits the bill perfectly.

The strangest thing is after adamantly declaring this journey is never to be repeated, I found myself thinking about another Elmer blanket the other day......... But, I don't think so. Anyway before anything else I must look back and find the lovely follower who predicted when I would finish it and get a special Giveaway underway to her.

And talking of followers I see I am nearly at the 250 mark. What a thrill. Thank you to followers " old " and new. I love your comments,friendship and encouragement so much.